Cardinal Group Fitness Schedule – Winter Quarter (Redwood City)

Redwood City Winter Quarter: January 13, 2020 – March 27, 2020

These classes are drop-in only and available to any participants who purchase a Cardinal Pass. Cardinal Pass participants can also take classes on the main campus schedule!

Color Key

  • Yellow = Contemplation Room (Room 120)
  • Red = Group Exercise Room (Room 135)
  • Black = Cycling Room (Room 125)
  • Blue = Pool (Room 221)

Helpful Tips

– If you click on the title of each class, you can view class descriptions and all available class times. Class descriptions are also available here.

– For a printable version of the schedule below, please use this link.

– By using the drop down menu below, you can also filter the schedule by specific class (example: Cycling).

*Schedule is subject to change

Last Updated: 11/19/19