Academic Year 19/20

For academic year 19/20, we are excited to offer new group fitness classes, recreational classes, and a new group fitness pass option. The community will have more opportunities to pursue their fitness and activity goals with these additions to Stanford Recreation & Wellness, and there will be even more ways for us to inspire a healthier Stanford.

Learn more about our different group fitness options, the new additions, pricing, and more, in the chart below. 


Rather than buying each group fitness class individually, our group fitness passes provide access to unlimited classes for an entire quarter. There are three different pass tiers with different price points. As you move up each tier, you gain access to additional classes, while still retaining all the class offerings in the lower tiers. For example, the Platinum Pass allows you to take our popular F45 classes and new TRX classes, plus indoor cycling classes, plus all the Cardinal Pass options. View pass comparison chart.

You may be used to registering for one or two individual classes each quarter, which you are still able to do with our rec classes. In contrast, with our group fitness pass options, you register once at the start of the quarter and have access to unlimited weekly classes available on that pass schedule.

Even with reservation-based classes like indoor cycling, you will reserve your spot the day prior to the class, so you can switch up your workout routine whenever you’d like. If you want to take all Yoga classes one week and then focus on dance-type classes the next week, you can! Our group fitness passes give you the freedom to mix and match different classes and personalize your workout routines.

Best of all, both our group fitness passes and rec classes are BeWell Berry eligible for staff/faculty. Starting Fall 2019, each quarter that you purchase and use a group fitness pass, you qualify for two BeWell Berries. For rec classes, you will earn one BeWell Berry.

How to Register

Are you new to the Recreation registration process? Follow along with the helpful guides below to learn how to sign up for Recreational Classes and buy a group fitness pass.

Registration for Winter 2020 begins on January 8th at 9:00AM

If you would like to try before you buy, be sure to check out our Free Fitness Week from December 9-13 and our Preview Week from January 13-19. You can attend our group fitness classes for free! It’s the perfect chance to figure out which pass to purchase and see if our fitness program is the right fit for your schedule.

Group Fitness Class Schedules – Winter 2020

Winter Quarter Dates: January 13 – March 13

Visit our group fitness page to view current schedules.

More Information

BeWell Berry Information

All three of our group fitness passes qualify for two BeWell Berries per quarter starting Fall 2019, and Rec Classes qualify for one BeWell Berry.

There is a two berry limit for BeWell-priced classes.

How do I get my BeWell berry (for eligible staff and faculty)?

BeWell berries will be automatically applied upon successful completion of registration (please allow 2-3 weeks for it to show up in your BeWell account).

If you have questions about berries or your berry is not showing up in your account, please contact

Contact Us

For inquiries related to group fitness offerings, recreation classes, and any other program-related questions, please contact

For inquiries related to general eligibility, affiliation, membership, and BeWell pricing, please contact