Stanford Recreation & Wellness – New Year, New Beginnings

New Year, New Beginnings; time to try some new activities!
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🎉 Registration for Open-Air Fitness is NOW OPEN!
🧘 Take classes such as Yoga, Bootcamp, Cardio Dance, and more!
Spots fill up quickly; register for classes TODAY using the link in our bio!

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❄️ Welcome back! 🎇Join us in welcoming the new year by trying a new activity for a chance to win prizes. Visit our website for details on how to participate.
👩‍💻 Kick off the winter quarter by joining our workshop this Wednesday at noon with Associate Director of Wellness Education, Sarah Meyer Tapia:
"Inviting In and Letting Go." We look forward to seeing you there!
Links to activities and webinars can be found in our bio! #newyearnewbeginnings #stanfordurec #stanfordrec

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🧡 'Tis the season to be grateful! 💛 We would love to hear more about what YOU are grateful for.
Use the link in our bio to share your gratitude with the Rec & Well community, we will be picking a few lucky winners to win Coupa Cafe gift cards! ☕🍂
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Apps and resources

Again, we welcome you to choose any activities to make you feel good! We want to support you staying active on your own, so here are some resources to help you reach your goals!

Walking! Take a walk or hike and post to social media using any of our hashtags #stanfordwalks #stanfordhikes #stanfordruns #stanfordbikes #stanfordurec #sumovementmotivation #suvirtualrecreation #recmovement #recathome

External Resources

About Strava

Record an activity and it goes to your Strava feed, where your friends and followers can share their own races and workouts, give kudos to great performances and leave comments on each other’s activities. Strava syncs with most devices – your phone, GPS watch or head unit, heart rate monitor, or power meter. All kinds of groups form clubs on Strava to organize activities and build communities – friends, teams, brands, gear shops and more. When you join our Stanford Recreation and Wellness Strava, your performance will be shared with the community! Here is how!

Important notes

  • We encourage all participants to practice physical distancing while exercising at this time.
  • Please ensure you are choosing activities that are appropriate for your level of fitness.
  • If you’re not sure, consult a medical professional.
  • Listen to your body and do what’s best for your body each day.

Pick up your 'Rec & Well BINGO Card' at the front desk! Cross off the activities you have already done, and keep going by trying new activities within our programs!

Share your progress on social media and tag @stanfordurec for a chance to win!

BINGO Picture for Instagram/Facebook Stories

BINGO Social Media Tutorial


OR print out our PDF to track your progress on your own!

1. Download the BINGO card using the button below

2. Cross off the activities you have finished.

3. Take a picture of your BINGO card.

4. Click here to submit the picture of your BINGO card for a chance to win prizes!

BINGO PDF for Print

Need some more motivation and inspiration? Look no further, visit our Motivation KudoBoard to see what new things (rec or not rec-related) the community is exploring! Post your 'New Tries' to the board for a chance to win.

Our Winter 2021 Catalog has everything you need to know about what we are offering for this quarter!

View our Winter Catalog

Fitness Segments (POSTPONED to a later date due to students not coming back to campus)

Start the year off by trying something new! Test our fitness classes by coming to one of our Fitness and Wellness Segments during the week of 1/11! Take segments such as Yoga, Bootcamp, Barre Sculpt, and more, where you will also learn more about our various fitness programs and resources during these segments. View our Fitness Segment schedule below!

Monday 1/11

Drop-In Meditation 12:30 - 12:50 PM with Sarah

Boot Camp 5:00 - 5:50 PM with Lori

Tuesday 1/12

Breath & Stretch 5:00 - 5:30 PM with Irina

Wednesday 1/13

Drop-In Meditation 12:30 - 12:50 PM with Sarah

Strength Boot Camp 5:00 - 5:50 PM with Richard

Thursday 1/14

Yoga 101 5:00 - 5:50 PM with Annie

Friday 1/15

Drop-In Meditation 12:30 - 12:50 PM with Sarah

Cardio Dance 5:00 - 5:50 PM with Linda


Join Fitness Segments via Zoom   

Virtual Fitness Class Schedule

Group Fitness Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

305 Fitness Cardio Dance

 305 Fitness is an addictive dance cardio party set to a DJ mix of pop and hip hop music. Forget the fancy footwork—the focus is on high-energy, fun, full-body moves, so you can get you heart rate up and release endorphins. A ten minute strength-training segment will leave you feeling empowered. This workout invites everyone to express themselves, free of judgment!


Bring enthusiasm, effort, and a positive mindset to this class.  Every class varies but will always offer a total body workout through circuit training, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), bodyweight exercises, resistance training, plyometrics, and more.  Classes are often “Team” based and all fitness levels are welcome.

Barre Sculpt

This class works all muscle groups in 50 minutes. Using barre-inspired exercises you will strengthen and lengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility, and improve your balance. Please bring a yoga mat to class.

Power Yoga

This is a powerful, energetic form of yoga where students move fluidly from one posture to the next while connecting their breath to their movements.  It incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, and both physical and mental stamina.  The class is open to all levels offering modifications and the opportunity to try on inversions.

Strength Bootcamp

Bring enthusiasm, effort, and a positive mindset to this class.  Every class varies but will always offer a total body workout through circuit training, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), bodyweight exercises, resistance training, and plyometrics with a focus on strength.  All fitness levels are welcome to attend.

Yoga 101

This class focuses on connecting breath to movement, building heat, strength and flexibility, with a focus on learning the movements and sequencing of movements for future practices.

Camp Cardinal Winter Wonderland

❄️  Camp Cardinal’s registration for our first-ever Winter Wonderland Arts and Crafts Sessions opens January 5!  ☃️

Campers will get the opportunity to celebrate the winter season while communicating with fellow campers via Zoom while using their creative skills. These sessions will be arts and crafts focused, and of course be ready for some movement! Sign up below for session 1, session 2, or both! We strongly encourage parents to get in on the fun!

Learn More and Register

Ring in the new year with our Winter Swim Challenge! This challenge will be from January 11 - March 5.

How to participate:

  • Visit the Avery Rec Pool @ AOERC during your reservation period and pick up a workout menu from the lifeguard when you turn in your swim ticket.
  • Choose your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and pick swimming or aqua jogging.
  • Complete the workout and return your menu as you exit the pool deck, and enter your name into the drawing to win Stanford gear giveaways or a grand prize gift certificate to Swim Outlet.

Raffle drawings and winner announcements will be the week of March 15.

Make a Swim Reservation

Outdoor Clinics

Registration for Outdoor Clinics is NOW OPEN!

Take classes such as Bikepacking, How to Set Up Your Campsite, Map and Compass Basics, and more! Classes start the week of Jan 18. 

Learn More and Register for Outdoor Clinics

Enter our raffle every time you visit SRWC for a chance to win!

How to enter:

Fill out this form every time you visit the SRWC; a flyer with a QR code is available at the front desk.
Fill out your information on the paper raffle at the front desk.
NOTE: Participants may only enter the SRWC raffle once a day.

Intramural Sports

In-Person Sports

Registration for in-person intramurals will open on January 19th. The sports that will be offered include

  • 2v2 Soccer Tennis
  • 1v1 Tennis
  • 2v2 Cornhole
  • 2v2 Pickleball
  • Along with various weekend tournaments.

 A $12.00 fee grants access to all sports for the season. Spots will be limited so sign up quickly!

JackBox Party Tournament

Come and join us while we play Fibbage and Quiplash on Jackbox party and have the chance to win an Amazon gift card and a shirt or a Winter Season Intramural Sports Pass! This is a great way to connect with other Stanford students while sharing a good laugh.

Registration opens December 21st at 10:00 am with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 players. We will have a 2-week regular season and 1 week of playoffs. Grab some friends together to form a group and get the chance to win an Amazon gift card and a free IM Winter Season Sport Pass!

Register for Intramurals

More Info on Intramurals

Virtual 5k Challenge

You will have the entire month of February to run and record your 5K!

We will be using Strava to collect completion times and prizes will be awarded to top overall and age group finishers.

To be considered for the race:

  • Join our Rec & Well Strava Club.
  • Record your run via Strava.
  • Complete this form before the deadline (2/28/21).
    • Take a picture/selfie during your run for a chance to win! Tag @stanfordurec on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter!

The competitive race will start Monday, February 1 and participants will have until February 28 to complete the 5k. Winners will be announced the week of March 8.