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Our website is public but we are a private member’s only club!.

Membership Application

Membership Agreement
  • Upon acceptance of an application for membership, all members agree to abide by all club rules and policies. Member is responsible for everyone under their membership along with guest(s) they bring into the club.  The membership is non-transferable.
Regular Membership

Membership Application PDF Link Click Here.
Regular SCRA Membership offers the member and his/her family (spouse and children under age 25) full use of all SCRA facilities, participation in all programs. This membership is open only to:

Currently “Eligible” families as defined by SCRA and described in the Eligibility section.
Families qualified through the Stanford Funded Housing Office Programs are eligible for membership.

Note: Medical Center Line (MCL) are eligible and not Clinical Educators (CE).

Upon approval and joining, Regular members are assessed an initiation fee of $2,000 ($500 due within 15 days of the date of joining, remaining balance due within twelve months).

Ongoing dues are $125 per month. Those eligible for payroll deduction are required to pay dues monthly through the deduction program. Those ineligible for payroll deduction shall pay annually at $1,500 in January of each year.

Assistant Professors

Assistant Professors on a University tenure line (UTL) track position can postpone paying the initiation fee until becoming tenured. Monthly dues will be at the current regular membership rate by payroll deductions. Once tenured member agrees to pay the current initiation fee to the club within 12 month period. Note: MCL are not eligible for this promotion.

Emeritus Membership

Membership Application PDF Link Click Here.
Emeritus Membership offers full use of all SCRA facilities, participation in all programs. This membership is open only to these individuals and their immediate families (under age 25) including grandchildren.

– Currently “Eligible” Stanford emeriti
– Emeriti and senior staff that were “Eligible” for Stanford Funded Housing programs when they “retired” (even though once retired they are no longer “Eligible”)
– Upon joining, Emeritus members are assessed an initiation fee of $2,000 ($500.00 due within 15 days of the date of joining, remaining balance due within twelve months). 

A Regular Member, upon becoming an emeritus, may convert their membership to an Emeritus Membership without paying an additional initiation fee. Note: Member must submit in writing to SCRA Management for approval the change of status (document proff from University or Department) before the dues rate change can take effect. No refunds allowed for lack of notice to management. On-going dues are $95 per month, payable annually $1,140 in advance without any lapses during the calendar year or loss of membership can occur without any future consideration of rejoining.

Extended Family Application

Extended Family Application PDF Link Click Here.
Extended Family Memberships are available to the adult children or parents of current SCRA Members. These memberships entitle adult children (over 25) and their spouses and children or parents of current members to use the SCRA facilities without being accompanied by a regular SCRA member. This program costs $125 per month and those joining must pay balance of the year in advance. Subsequent payment is due quarterly in advance annually at $1,500 by credit card or check. For application form go to PDF link above. Note: Primary member must maintain an active paying membership in good standing for the extended family member to continue their membership. Once primary membership is done so is the extended membership.  NOTE: Access card(s) for this membership can be purchased from the University ID office for club use only.

Resident Education Fellow Membership

(RF Education webpage click here):   Resident Education Fellows, who are not otherwise eligible for full membership, special membership to SCRA for as long as they are resident fellows. This means that there is no initiation fee of $2,000. Dues are $125 per month through payroll deductions or annually $1,500 upfront by credit card or check made out to Stanford SCRA. Note:This membership does not include 

RF Medical. Resident Education Fellow SCRA Member Application PDF click here.

Membership Eligibility

SCRA is a club for families of faculty and senior staff at Stanford University. Eligibility for SCRA is therefore limited to specific employment categories. 

Eligibility is limited to:

Faculty who are (1) members of the Academic Council, (2) are members of the Medical Center Professoriate and (3) Senior Fellow members of the Academic Council at Special Policy Centers and Institutes. A term appointment of three or more years with the possibility of reappointment is required.

Staff at the University and SLAC who are assigned to the N99, N11, O and P grades and Hoover Institution Senior Fellows.

Qualification for a Stanford University Funded Loan to own property on or off campus is managed by the Stanford Housing Office. Eligibility for SCRA membership is based off of their requirements which are subject to change. SCRA Management at its discretion will make final application approval.

Emeritus membership applicants are verified by Housing with final approval by management.  Upon final approval, a confirmation letter is sent to each eligible applicant to activate membership.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

SCRA Members may petition to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the club for a minimum of six months and a maximum of two years (except in the case of government service). Typically LOA are granted to those on university approved sabbaticals leaving the area and not accessing the club during this time. 

During this time, the Member does not have responsibility to pay monthly dues. Members petitioning for an LOA must do so in writing specifying the start date, duration, and nature of their leave providing documentation from department or university confirming leave. 

Members are responsible for the payment of dues until a Leave of Absence is approved by management.

Note: Membership is not transferable to renters or anyone living in your house during your absence.


Notice of resignation must be made in written letter form or by approved communications dated & signed mailing or drop off to front office SCRA 875 Bowdoin Street Stanford, CA 94305 attention SCRA Management Office with effective date of resignation and reason for resignation. Members should be in good standing upon resignation otherwise re-joining at a later date may be denied.

Note: If SCRA receives the notice before the 3rd of the month, the resignation is effective as of the 1st. Notification after the 3rd makes resignation effective at the end of the month.

Members are responsible for the payment of dues, initiation fees, program fees, guest fees or any other outstanding balances upon resignation letter being received to maintain membership in good standing.

Change of Status:
Notice of change of status must be made in writing to SCRA. If you become emeritus or your status changes in anyway it is the responsiblity of the member to notify SCRA Management in writting before a change of dues rate is in effect. If SCRA receives the notice before the 3rd of the month, the change is effective as of the 1st. Notification after the 3rd makes change of status effective at the end of the month. 

Mailed or drop off written or typed letters by mail to SCRA 875 Bowdoin Street Stanford, CA 94305.

Submit letters requesting a Leave of Absence (LOA), declaring a resignation or change of status (Regular to Emeritus) to:

Stephen Robe
General Manager
875 Bowdoin Street
Stanford, CA 94305