Stanford Redwood City Recreation and Wellness Center

Group Fitness/Cardinal Pass

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sign-up to participate in group fitness classes in Redwood City?  

To participate in group fitness classes, you will purchase a SRWC Cardinal Group Fitness Pass.  During the first quarter you are in Redwood City, please purchase this pass at the front desk of the SRWC Recreation and Wellness Center.

How much does a Cardinal Pass cost? 

A Cardinal Pass cost $60 per quarter for Stanford staff who have taken their SHALA. It is $110 for staff who have not taken their SHALA.

Is the Cardinal Pass part of HIP?  

No, the Cardinal Pass is a part of the Stanford Recreation & Wellness group fitness program.

What is the difference between the Cardinal Pass and the HIP group exercise program?  

Through HIP’s group exercise program, you purchase individual classes.  With the purchase of a Cardinal Pass, you are eligible to participate in any class on the Cardinal schedule. 

I see that Stanford Recreation & Wellness offers a Cardinal Pass and Platinum Pass, what is the difference between the Cardinal Pass and Platinum Pass?  

The Platinum Pass is a premium pass for extremely popular or low capacity classes on the main campus.  Limiting the sales of the Platinum Pass reduces the chance of over enrollment in Platinum classes.  Platinum Pass classes are managed through a program called MindBody that allows participants to register for their spot in the class at 7a.m. the day prior to class. Cardinal Pass classes do not require pre-registration to participate in the class and are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Why are there no Platinum Pass classes in Redwood City?  

Since the campus is new with limited occupancy and the spaces inside have much larger capacity than their previous location, it is anticipated that there will be spots available in each group fitness class.  

What classes can I take? 

With the purchase of the SRWC Cardinal Pass, you are eligible to take ANY and ALL Cardinal Pass designated classes in Redwood City and the main campus.  

How do I sign-in to participate in the class?  

At the time of enrollment you will be given a sticker on your SUID Card.  You will show this sticker to the instructor prior to the class starting.