Access to Stanford’s Recreational Facilities is available to Stanford’s Students, Faculty and Staff with valid SUID Cards. Please see detailed outline below on additional individual Rec Facility access privileges or visit your nearest Rec Center for assistance.

Please refer to our Facility Rules and Policies


Affiliate TypeAccess
Stanford StudentsFree with SUID
Eligible Faculty/StaffFree with SUID
Post Doc, Visiting Scholars, FellowsFree with SUID
Spouses/Domestic Partners and Academic VisitorsSee information.
Dependents, Visiting Scholar/Faculty SpousesSee information
Stanford RetireesSee information
Stanford Alumni and Hospital EmployeesSee information

Additional Access Information

Stanford Community

Spouses/Domestic Partners and Academic Visitors:
Spouses/Domestic Partners and Academic Visitors are able to enter Stanford Recreation Facilities free with a Courtesy Card. To obtain a Courtesy Card, visit the Stanford Campus Card Office at Tressider Union.

Dependents, Visiting Scholar/Faculty Spouses:
Dependents, Visiting Scholars/Faculty Spouses are able to enter Stanford Recreation Facilities free with a Recreation All Access Card. To obtain your Recreation All Access Card, visit the Stanford Campus Card Office at Tresidder Union. Children under the age of one (1) are allowed to enter the facility free of charge with valid adult access. Please reference Family Hours for specific hours for minors.

Stanford Retirees:
Stanford Retirees are able to enter Stanford Recreation Facilities free with a Retiree Card. To obtain your Retiree Card, visit the Stanford Campus Card Office at Tresidder Union.

Alumni/Hospital Employees

Access to Stanford’s Recreational Facilities is available to Stanford University Alumni and Hospital Employees via a Daily Rec Pass or Rec Access Membership.  Specific access privileges are outlined below or visit your nearest Rec Center for assistance.

SAA Member- may purchase a non-discounted Daily Rec Pass (up to 20 passes) and/or a Rec Access Membership at either Rec Center with proof of SAA membership in current standing and photo ID.  Daily Rec Passes can also be purchased at the Arrillaga Alumni Center at a discounted rate (facility memberships are not sold at the Alumni Center).

Non-SAA Member- is not eligible for a Rec Access Membership but may purchase a Daily Rec Facility Pass directly from the Arrillaga Alumni Center.

Hospital Employee, Resident and/or Fellow:

The procedure to purchase memberships is easier than ever before.  Employees of Stanford Hospitals and Clinics, Lucile Salter Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, and Menlo Health Alliance (AKA Menlo Medical Center) can now purchase memberships directly at the front desk at either the Arrillaga Outdoor Education Recreation Center or Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation.  Hospital employees are able to purchase this membership any time the facilities are open.

At the time of enrollment and/or renewal, Stanford Hospital employees must show their current Stanford Hospital badge to the front desk staff at either center.  New memberships and renewals must be purchased in person and cannot be bought or extended without a valid badge.  At the time of enrollment, a photo of the user will be taken and front desk staff will print a membership card to use the center through the time period purchased.

Please note:

  • Credit cards or debit cards that can function as credit cards is the preferred method to purchase a membership. Checks are accepted. Cash is not accepted.  Refunds will not be provided for unused time.
  • After purchasing a membership, please visit the Stanford Campus Card Office at Tresidder Union for your Recreation All Access Card.

Access to Stanford Recreation facilities include:

Arrillaga Outdoor Education Recreation Center and Avery Recreation Pool
Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation
Ford Center and Burnham Pavilion
Redwood Community Center at Stanford Redwood City
Avery Aquatic Center
Arrillaga Family Racquetball Courts (at Ford Center)
Cobb Track and Angell Field
Sandhill Sand Volleyball Courts
Tennis Courts: Taube South and West Campus

Youth/Dependent Access

Stanford Recreation facilities offer a variety of family-friendly recreational spaces to include Avery Rec Pool @AOERC (50m pool), climbing and bouldering walls, along with access to basketball courts in ACSR, AOERC and the Ford Center.


  • Participants under the age of 18yrs old may only access the recreational facilities for open recreation during Family Access Hours.
  • All participants over 1yr old are required to have a SUID or Rec All Access card or daily guest pass to access the recreational facilities. Children under the age of 1yr old are allowed to enter the facilities free of charge with valid adult access.
  • Participants under 16yrs old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • All non-participants under 18yrs old must be supervised by an adult at all times.
Academic Years Hours
Basketball Courts (ages 8-17)No AccessNo AccessAll DayAll Day
Family Swim (ages 0-17)No AccessNo Access12 PM-5 PM12 PM-5 PM
School Breaks and Holidays
Basketball Courts (ages 8-17)All DayAll DayAll DayAll Day
Family Swim (ages 0-17)10 AM-2 PM10 AM-2 PM10 AM-2 PM10 AM-2 PM
Summer Hours
Baskeball Courts (ages 8-17)Open-6 PMOpen-6 PMAll DayAll Day
Family Swim (ages 0-17)11 AM-6 PM11 AM-6 PM11 AM-6 PM11 AM-6 PM

Additional youth access hours will be held on university holidays and academic break weeks. Visit here for complete Facility Hours schedule.

General Access:

No person under 18 years old is allowed into the Fitness Center, the Basketball courts, the pools, or the climbing & bouldering walls, (unless you are a Stanford University student or staff member) when unaccompanied and sponsored by an adult over 18 years old.

Family Swim:

  • Family Swim is held at the Avery Rec Pool @AOERC unless otherwise noted for holiday hours.
  • Family Swim is designated in one area of the pool and only available during Family Swim hours.
  • Participants under the age of 18yrs old can only swim during designated Family Swim hours.
  • Adults with children 16 years of age and younger must supervise their children in the facility at all times, even in the changing rooms.
  • Children over 6yrs old are required to use the appropriate changing room for their gender. If assistance is needed, please speak with a lifeguard.
  • If a child wants to swim in a lap swim lane, they must pass a swim test administered by the lifeguards. Criteria: must be able to swim 2 continuous lengths of the pool using the freestyle stroke with a strong kick and rhythmic breathing.
  • When children 12 years of age and younger are in the water an adult must be in the water within an arm’s reach of them at all times.
  • For every 2 children at least 1 adult should be with them at all times.
  • Infants are allowed in the pool with swim diapers on.

Family Climb:

  • Children under 18yrs old are allowed to climb during Family Climb time.
  • Participants under 16yrs old cannot belay and must be accompanied by a belay certified adult at all times.
  • Only two participants under 16yrs old are allowed per certified adult.
  • Children under 8yrs old must be under direct supervision by a certified adult at all times in the Climbing Wall (within arms reach).
Disability Access

The Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation is committed to ensuring that its programs and facilities are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Below is some disability access information to assist you:

Arrillaga Center for Sports & Recreation

(650) 724-9872
In an effort to better serve individuals with disabilities, adaptive equipment is available at the ACSR Fitness Center. Current equipment includes a Nu-Step recumbent bike/upper body ergometer, Sci-Fit bike/upper ergometer and various gloves and attachments for using weights.

For additional information or assistance please contact Robin Embry, (650) 498-0753,

Avery Aquatic Center

(650) 725-0725
The pool deck can be accessed by elevator and the facility is equipped with a hydraulic chair lift. All changing rooms are handicap accessible.

For additional information or assistance please contact Jennifer Cobarrubias, (650) 736-3437,

Avery Recreation Pool

(650) 498-0756
The pool deck can be accessed by elevator and the facility is equipped with a hydraulic chair lift. All locker rooms are handicap accessible. There is also a zero-depth entry ramp available to access the pool with an aquatic transfer chair. For additional information or assistance please contact Jennifer Cobarrubias, (650) 736-343,

Community Resources

Please visit the Diversity and Access Office website.


If you need a disability accommodation, or if there is an adaptive recreation activity that you would like to discuss, please contact Sheila Sanchez, Disability Accommodations Coordinator.

If you need to make an in-person appointment with our front desk staff, please click here.

In most instances, the front desk staff at the ACSR and AOERC are available during opening hours for any general questions.

Daily Rec Facility Passes

OptionsDay5 visits10 visits20 visits
Daily Pass Guidelines
  • Daily Rec Facility Passes can only be purchased by: Stanford Affiliate, Stanford Alumni, Hospital Employee, Conference Attendee over 18yrs old (during the official dates of the conference or program).
  • Must show proof of affiliation (i.e. current SUID, SAA Membership Card/Tag/Electronic Card, Hospital Employee Badge, Conference Credential) at time of purchase.
  • Passes may be purchased using credit card or personal check only at the front desk of either Rec Center, during regular business hours.
  • Valid for the entire day on which they are used.
  • Pass users over the age of 18yrs old are required to show a government issued photo ID card at all times while using the recreation facilities.
  • ID Card Holder (Sponsor) does not have to accompany pass user if pass user is over 18yrs old.
  • Max of twenty (20) passes can be purchased per day.
  • All pass sales are final.
  • Any misuse of a Daily Rec Facility Pass, including alteration, duplication or transfer, is subject to disciplinary action.
  • Persons caught misusing their pass or accessing the facility without a valid pass will be subject to immediate removal from the facility; in addition, future access may be restricted.

What Does Access Get You?

If you have access to our recreation facilities, you are able to capitalize on many of our great programs and offerings on campus. Your Stanford ID or access pass is your ticket to Stanford Recreation and Wellness. 

Benefits that are available to most affiliates for free:


Additional benefits available with associated costs:

Participant and Facility Policies

General Facility and Participant

In addition to the pursuance of Stanford University’s Fundamental Standard, the following policies are to be understood and followed by EVERYONE who participates in recreational programming and uses the recreational facilities:

  • The use of Stanford University Recreational Facilities is a privilege, and participants are expected to be good citizens and respect the rights of others. Individuals who choose to engage in unacceptable behavior may have their access suspended or revoked indefinitely.
  • Entrance/Exit must be done through the designated main entrance.
  • For both security and utilization tracking, all participants using the facility must check in at the Front Desk and present their valid SUID card or Daily Rec Pass upon entering all Recreational Facilities.
  • Proper athletic attire must be worn when participating (non-marking athletic shoes with closed heel and toe) on court surfaces and no jeans in the fitness center. Suggestive clothing and clothing with offensive language and/or graphics is prohibited
  • No person under the age of 18yrs old is allowed into the Fitness Center (unless you are a Stanford University student or staff member).
  • Family members and participants of groups renting spaces within the Recreation Facilities are prohibited from using the Fitness Center, varsity athlete equipment (including spin bikes or indoor rowing equipment), basketball courts, squash/racquetball courts, or climbing walls.
  • All non-participants under 18yrs old must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • No posting of flyers, posters or other literature is permitted in any Recreational or Fitness Facility without prior approval from the department. Students interested in posting flyers for recruitment of study subjects for academic use must contact the Recreation Services Staff for approval.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the facility.
  • Skateboards, in-line skates, roller skates are not permitted in the facility.
  • No glass containers or alcoholic beverages are permitted in the facility.
  • Pets, other than Service Animals, are prohibited in all facilities. In compliance with applicable law, Stanford generally allows service animals in its buildings, classrooms, residence halls, meetings, dining areas, recreational facilities, activities and events when the animal is accompanied by an individual with a disability who indicates the service animal is trained to provide, and does provide, a specific service to them that is directly related to their disability.  Stanford University may not permit service animals when the animal poses a substantial and direct threat to health or safety or when the presence of the animal constitutes a fundamental alteration to the nature of the program or service. Stanford University will make those determinations on a case-by-case basis.
  • Facility schedules are subject to change for special events.
  • The Rec and Wellness Staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Personal locks are strongly encouraged for the day use lockers in the Fitness Center. The Fitness Center is not responsible for lost or stolen articles from the day use lockers.  No bags or backpacks are permitted on the Fitness Center Floor.  Locks are available for sale and annual or quarterly lockers are available for rent.
  • Personal Training or Group Fitness Training is restricted to only those individuals that have been specifically employed by Stanford University for the purpose of being a Personal Trainer or Group Exercise Instructor. Any participant observed or even assumed to be receiving or providing individual or group training by someone that is not employed by Stanford University for the specific purpose of being a personal trainer or group exercise instructor will be asked to cease the activity and may have their access suspended or revoked.  An individual may be approached and questioned regarding unauthorized personal or group fitness training if he/she appears to be exhibiting any of the following (but not limited to), or related behaviors:
    • Writing and/or designing a fitness or workout program for a patron.
    • Explaining and providing exercise directions to a patron or group of patrons.
    • Assisting a patron with technique, or any specific instruction, but not exercising with that individual during all portions of the workout.
    • Directing exercise order or duration for a patron.
    • Assisting a patron with equipment and adjustments.
  • AUDIO/VISUAL:  To avoid unwanted noise and for safety purposes, ONLY personal headphone audio systems are allowed. Members may use media devices to take photographs and videos in Recreational Sports programs and facilities.  Media determined to be inappropriate, degrading, harassing or not authorized by the subjects captured is prohibited.  Any use of media for commercial use and/or profit is prohibited unless approved by the Stanford Recreation and Wellness. Unless previously approved by Stanford Recreation and Wellness, the use of musical instruments and/or amplified sound is prohibited.
  • CELL PHONES:  Please minimize the use of cell phones in any activity area and the locker rooms.  For safety purposes and the enjoyment of all members, please only use cell phones in the lobbies, hallways, administration areas, and conference rooms of the Stanford Recreation Facilities. Please refrain from texting or calling on a cell phone while using any piece of exercise equipment.

Recreational Facility usage carries with it the responsibility of appropriate conduct. Violation of any rules or abusive or irresponsible behavior may results in a suspension of privileges. As needed, Stanford University Public Safety can and will be called to help enforce these policies.

AOERC and ACSR Facilities
  1. All users must be 18 years of age or be a matriculated Stanford student.
  2. Please refrain from talking on cell phones on the fitness floor.
  3. Please keep beverages in a spill-proof container.  No glass containers.
  4. For participant safety, loose items are not allowed on the fitness floor. Please store all personal items (bags, coats, etc.) in a locker, these are not allowed on the fitness floor due to safety concerns.  The Fitness Center and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  5. For hygiene and safety reasons, participants are required to wear proper workout attire. Shirts, shorts/pants, and clean, closed-toes shoes are required. Shirts must be worn at all times and undergarments must be covered by clothing previously listed. Bare skin contact is not recommended. To protect the upholstery and equipment, denim jeans (or shorts) and/or pants with belts and/or exposed metal (buttons, snaps, rivets and/or zippers) are not permitted in the Fitness Center.
  6. Please clean all equipment after each use including mats.
  7. Please re-rack all bars, weights, and dumbbells and return all equipment back to its proper place after use.
  8. Use safety clips and collars on all free weight bars.
  9. Only Stanford Recreation approved Personal Trainers are allowed to conduct training sessions.
  10. Report all injuries or incidents to staff on duty.
  11. Filming, photography or postings on the fitness floor must be pre-approved by a Recreation Staff member.  Please contact the Associate on duty for more information.
  12. Stanford Recreation reserves the right to change or amend these policies as deemed necessary for the safety and functionality of the facility, program or activity. Compliance with staff is expected at all times.
LKSC Facility Policies

  1. Exercise at your own risk.
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age to use the LKSC Fitness Center.
  3. The LKSC Fitness Center and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  4. Proper workout attire including a shirt, shoes, shorts or pants, and closed toe/heel shoes are to be worn in the Fitness Center AT ALL TIMES. Jeans, cargo pants, slacks, skirts, dresses, sport bras alone, speedos, open toe/heel shoes, scrubs or bare feet are not permitted.
  5. Bags of any type or personal belongings are not allowed on the gym floor or near the equipment. Please use the lockers to store all personal belongings.
  6. Please wipe down exercise equipment after use.
  7. Only medical, graduate and biosciences students in the school of medicine are allowed to use the facility.
  8. Please report any facility related injuries or incidents to the staff on duty or fitness center manager.
  9. Failure to comply with any of the above policies may result in temporary or permanent loss of Fitness Center privileges.
Martial Arts Mat Studio and Exercise Studio Use Policies

When our studios are not in use by a scheduled class they are open for individuals to exercise in or groups to reserve for events, rehearsals, etc. Any individual or group using any of our group exercise studios must adhere to these policies:

  • No bags or other large personal belongings are permitted in the studios. Participants must secure all bags in day use lockers.
  • Equipment in the closets, as well as the stereo system, is off limits unless partaking in a supervised class. For those groups approved to utilize the fitness equipment and stereo, please get the Manager on Duty to unlock the closets and stereo system. When you are finished please let the Manager on Duty know so that they can lock the closets and stereo back up. If you have any questions about available equipment or stereo usage please ask the Manager on Duty.
  • Personal Equipment (not owned by Stanford University) being used in this room or facility may be inspected by the Manager on Duty before use. This includes equipment that students or members of the group bring in for class, exercise or rehearsal purposes and equipment brought in by the group leader or the instructor.
  • Shoes are PROHIBITED in the martial arts mat room at all times.
  • Do not lean or exercise on the windows or mirrors.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times in the exercise studio unless partaking in a prior approved Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates or Academic Dance Program.
  • No food or drink, other than water in a closed container, in the studios.
  • Please put all equipment back in its place before exiting the rooms.
  • During any activity with the potential to involve contact, individuals should place the highest priority on safety for themselves and others and do so with the proper training and instruction.
  • Sparring that involves blows to the head is strictly prohibited unless prior approval is received by the Rec and Wellness Department.
  • Swords, nun-chucks and similar martial art weapons are prohibited unless prior approval is received by the Rec and Wellness Department.
  • Organized matches are prohibited.
  • Equipment deemed potentially damaging to the, mat, mirrors, and floor or dangerous to the participant(s) is prohibited, as determined by the Rec and Wellness Staff.
  • Individuals with skin infections, open lesions, or open cuts are not allowed on mat.
  • If there is blood on the studio floors, activity must stop immediately. Notify a Rec and Wellness staff member for proper clean-up.

We reserve the right to have the Manager on Duty make decisions (inside or outside of these policies) to best serve the safety and wellbeing of our facility and members.

Ford Center Open Gym Guidelines

Ford Center is home to Stanford University’s Varsity Men’s Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics, Rowing, Crew and Wrestling athletic teams. It also is host to various special events including university sponsored events (i.e. homecoming, commencement).  In order for the facility to conduct daily business and have minimal impact on the Varsity Programs, we require that the following policies be adhered to at all times.

  • When not in use by varsity teams and events, the Ford Center is available for intramurals, club sports and open gym time available to SUID card holders.
  • All participants and coaches will remain in the Atrium until Varsity Practice is over.
  • Outside user group participants are asked to arrive no more than 15 minutes before practice begins and adhere to their practice times designated in their rental/use agreement.
  • Inappropriate conduct in the locker rooms will not be tolerated.  This includes running, loud destructive behavior, and horseplay.
  • Participants must store their personal belongings in the designated area.
  • To avoid any conflicts with our daily operations, participants must clear the locker room promptly at the conclusion of practice.

No photography and/or filming are permitted to be taken in any Recreational or Fitness facility without prior approval from the department. Students interested in taking film/photo for academic use or student publication must contact the Rec and Wellness Staff.

  • Anyone that has obtained permission to film/photograph must identify themselves to facility staff prior to starting.
  • Individuals must respect patron privacy and cannot solicit members to participant in film/photo shoot.
  • Film/Photo shoot must stay in pre-approved area only. No one is allowed to film/photograph in the locker rooms.
  • During the photo/video shoot, all participants must adhere to all Recreational Sports and Fitness policies.