Over the past several years California has been experiencing ever increasing wildfires consuming a record breaking amount of land and contributing to hazardous air quality conditions while the wildfires burn. The hazardous air quality may place participants and staff of our programs at health risks if they are outside partaking in moderate to heavy physical activity or exposed to unhealthy air quality for extended periods.

Air quality can be checked by going to the website https://airnow.gov/ and entering your zip code. The website will provide a map of the area, past, current and predicted air quality. We will utilize this site to determine air quality.

The universal banner, located on the top of every page on our website, will be continuously updated for ease of access to the latest information on facility and class program updates. In addition, we will communicate changes via social media, and participants will get an email within an hour of their reservation time if their reservation is canceled due to poor air quality.

Decision-Making Matrix


Communication Plan

COVID/Fire (smoke)Type of CommunicationWho is doing the communicatingAudience
Reservation PatronsEmailrec services/program specific staffCustomer
Physical SignagePrint MediaOn site customers
Update WebsiteUniversal BannerRequest through rec-closures Slack Channel, Marketing to completeWebsite Visitors
Social Media UpdatesInstagram, Facebook, TwitterRequest through res-closures Slack Channel, Marketing to completeFollowers
Newsletter AnnouncementNewsletterRequest through res-closures Slack Channel, Marketing to completteSubscribers