Rec Swim and Splash & Dash are taking reservations at the Avery Rec Pool at the AOERC.

Family Swim and Splash & Dash Hour Adjustments

Starting Monday, September 21st the following hours for “Family Swim Hours” & Splash & Dash Zones will take place.

Family Swim Hours for Splash & Dash Zones: 
(For members under the age of 18)
Sat & Sun: 12 PM-5 PM

Splash & Dash Zones: 
Mon-Fri: 8 AM-5 PM (not for members under the age of 18)
Sat & Sun: 12 PM-5 PM (including Family Swim Hours)

For any questions regarding rec swim, family swim, and splash & dash, please contact

Stanford Aquatics

Stanford Aquatics provides a safe and inclusive environment for all, and we promote private swim lessons, recreation classes, special events, open rec swim, as well as job opportunities.

Rec Swim is usually offered at two outdoor locations, on the Stanford campus; the Avery Recreation Pool is located on the west side of campus at the Arrillaga Outdoor Education and Recreation Center and the Avery Aquatic Center is located on the east side of campus. Due to COVID-19, Rec Swim is only offered at the Avery Rec Pool at the AOERC.

  • Avery Aquatic Center – 235 Sam MacDonald Mall, Stanford, CA 94305 (CLOSED) 
  • AOERC Avery Recreation Pool – 285 Santa Teresa Street, Stanford, CA 94305 (open for rec swim and splash and dash by reservation only)

The Avery Recreation Pool is a 50-meter pool setup in short course yards. The Avery Aquatic Center is a 50-meter pool setup in long course meters or short course yards depending on availability and circumstances. 

Offerings and programs can change each quarter so be sure to check back frequently for any additions or changes. 

Lane Reservation Policies
  • When arriving at your lane reservation, please keep in mind that lanes are systematically assigned based on which areas are available. In alignment with our COVID-19 reopening policies, we assign lanes in order to maintain physical distancing and limit participants passing each other. Therefore, Lap Swim and Splash & Dash participants are not eligible to pick their own lane/zone. In addition, participants are not allowed to wait for their lane/zone they want to become available due to our Swim and Go policy. We can make exceptions for those needing an ADA lane, which is available in lanes 1, 6, and 16.
  • Each reservation is 45 minutes long. We kindly as you to exit the water no later than the 45-minute mark.
Courtesy Card Information

All participants, including children, must have a rec membership to enter the facilities.

Until the ID Card Office reopens, Stanford Recreation and Wellness will make an exception for spouses that would under normal circumstances be issued a courtesy card. This will only apply to Splash and Dash reservations. Members may bring their spouse/domestic partner with any of the forms of identification:

Students and Postdoctoral Scholars, the following forms of identification are acceptable with government issued photo ID:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Car insurance with both names
  • Financial statement with both names
  • Medical coverage with both names
  • Joint tax return

Faculty/Staff and Fellows, the following forms of identification are acceptable with government issued photo ID:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Joint tax return
  • Proof of joint Stanford benefits

Lease documents and drivers licenses are insufficient for domestic partner courtesy cards.

If the spouse/domestic partner is listed as a dependent in Axess, the above documents are not needed. The member must book the Splash Dash Reservation and accompany the spouse/domestic partner to the pool with their photocopied documents and ID Card. Please contact, if you have any questions.

Splash and Dash

Splash and Dash zones divide the pool into two zones that can be shared with members of the same household/living unit. In Splash and Dash zones, you can have some family fun by taking a dip in the pool, relax and cool off with your roommates on a hot summer day or come by yourself and enjoy the water! Splash and Dash zones are NOT for lap swim.

Reservation Cancellations

Reservation Cancellations: you must cancel your reservation on your own (see 'How To Cancel Your Swim Reservations' below).  Reservations must be canceled at least 2 hours prior to your reservation to avoid a no show.  You are allowed one free no show if you no show. For a second no show, you will lose your swim reservation privileges for the following week.

In-person fitness classes are currently suspended due to COVID-19. While classes are suspended, we invite you to participate in free, virtual fitness classes from Recreation & Wellness.

AOERC Facility Walkthrough

Stanford Rec Swim Pool Hours

Academic Year Pool Hours   

Avery Aquatic Center

Avery Rec Pool @AOERC

Monday - Friday
Family Swim : Unavailable
Rec Swim & Splash and Dash
8AM - 5PM
Family Swim : Unavailable
Family Swim : Unavailable
Rec Swim & Splash and Dash
12PM - 5PM
Family Swim Included
Family Swim : Unavailable
Rec Swim & Splash and Dash
12PM - 5PM
Family Swim Included

*Hours Subject to Change

Upcoming Pool Closures and Hour Changes

FacilityDateHour Change 
Avery Aquatic Center
Avery Rec Pool (@ AOERC)


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Stanford Students


Fellow/Visiting Scholar/Post Doc

Below this line is the historical information we are saving for later. See above for the most up-to-date information during COVID-19.

Eligible Stanford Affiliates can use our swim facilities during set hours throughout the year. We also host “family swim hours” for those with children under 18 years old. For youth access information, visit this page.

For standard operating hours, visit the facility hours page:

Additional Swim Opportunities

Looking for year-round Youth Access Hours and Policies? Click here!

Stanford Affiliates and Community Members can also join the Masters Swimming Program at the Avery Aquatic Center. For more information, visit their website.

Click here to visit our special events page!

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Contact Us

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Avery Aquatic Center (AAC)
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