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We offer two types of indoor rock climbing here at Stanford, bouldering and roped climbing.  Both types of climbing are available at the AOERC Climbing Wall.

For those new to rock climbing, we highly recommend our courses and clinics to help get you started and learn the proper techniques. Please speak with the experienced staff at the climbing wall or at the Outdoor Center for further information.

Climbing Facilities

Admission is free for Stanford Affiliates who have access to our recreation facilities. Please bring your SUID with you. To bring guests from outside of the Stanford Community, please click here for more information.

We offer Family Hours for minors under the age of 18 on Saturdays from 1-5pm during the academic year.

AOERC Climbing Center:

The Climbing Center is located 285 Santa Teresa St. and is available for bouldering, top roping, and lead climbing. Harnesses and belay devices are available for use free of charge for those with belay certification, and climbing shoes may be rented for a small fee.


Bouldering is climbing low to the ground without using a rope or harness. Previous experience is not required to boulder in our gym and our staff would be happy to help you get started. Bouldering is available at the AOERC Climbing Center.

Roped Climbing

Belay Lessons

Belay Lessons are offered weekly on Monday-Thursday at 5:00pm (no belay lessons are offered finals week).

Sign ups are available day-of and on a first-come first-served basis for up to six people per lesson. There is no cost.

The minimum age to belay at the Stanford Climbing Wall is 14.

Top-Rope Belay Tests

Top-rope belay tests are offered any time during standard open hours. No appointment is required. Participants must demonstrate the ability to verbally describe all the appropriate safety checks, tie in using a figure-8 follow through and belay using the PBUS method.

Lead Belay Tests

Lead Belay Tests are available Monday – Thursday from 4:00pm – 5:00pm. Please bring a lead climbing rope and a lead climbing partner who is already certified or seeking to be certified at the time of the test.  

Rock Climbing Courses & Clinics

Start your rock climbing journey on the right foot. Our talented instructors will set you up for success and teach you the necessary skills to enjoy this exciting sport. Our Introduction to Indoor Rock Climbing clinic is the perfect place to begin, and there is no experience required! (Check offerings each quarter via the link below) 

From there, you can dive deeper into belaying skills, climbing techniques, and more. Each quarter we offer a range of programs for all levels. 

For a full list of all courses & clinics we offer, click the button below

Belay Lesson

Course Description

This free 45 minute lesson teaches all the necessary skills to properly use the top-rope safety system. Belay lessons do not teach any climbing skills or technique. Signups are available day-of and on a first-come first-served basis for up to six people per lesson.





Dates and Time

Offered weekly on Monday-Thursday at 5:00pm.

Introduction to Indoor Rock Climbing Clinic

Course Description

This two hour clinic is designed to give beginners an introduction to indoor rock climbing. No prior rock climbing experience or knowledge is required. Topics covered include belaying skills (properly using the top-rope safety system), bouldering & spotting technique, climbing grade scales, types of handholds, and basic footwork.



Student/ Post Docs $20
Faculty/Staff $25

Rock 1: Beginning Rock Climbing

Course Description

This is a quarter-long class that meets once per week. No prior rock climbing experience or knowledge is required. An introduction to climbing covering everything from rope-use, footwork and body positioning to climbing history and culture.



Student/ Post Docs $100
Faculty/Staff $120