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2021 Virtual Dish Run Results

Thank you all for participating in the 2021 Virtual Dish Run! The results include registered participants that submitted their time through the form by the deadline. We will contact winners the week of March 15.

All Results

Joseph Tapia Guzman19 and under19:01 5k 19:07 total time for runMale
Ezra kainz19 and under60 minsMale
Rebecca Hiller19 and under29:23Female
Maia Johnsson19 and under25:49Female
Natalie Dell'Immagine19 and under31:46Female
Amisha Iyer19 and under24:50Female
Chad Munger20-2423:49Male
Balint Kurgyis20-2422:32Male
Kyle Van Rensselaer20-2431:39Male
Russell Martin20-2423:58Male
Justin Xu20-2434:43Male
Chandrahaas Vadali20-2423:42Male
Eddie Sun20-2430:34Male
Loren Newton20-2428:36 (I ran 3.14 miles in 28:54 per the screenshot, scales to 28:36 for a 5K (3.107 miles))Male
Chad Munger20-2423:00Male
Sean Gallagher20-2423:05Male
Noah Brazer20-2417:49Male
Catherine Rocchi20-2421:46Female
Madeleine Morlino20-2427:09Female
Kun Qian20-2427:11Female
Laura Blackstone20-2433m 12sFemale
Anna Verwillow20-2436:09Female
Penny Shi20-2432:16Female
Penny Shi20-2432:16Female
Jessica Mi20-2432:35Female
Sally Zhang20-2433’29”Female
Madeleine Morlino20-2428:03Female
Kathleen Feng20-2426:22Female
Kathleen Feng20-2426:47Female
Kathleen Feng20-2425:54Female
Kathleen Feng20-2433:18Female
Kathleen Feng20-2426:22Female
Katherine Hoolihan20-2422:02 - Strava cut off the last 5 sec!Female
Briana Berger20-2432:16Female
Felix Gondwe25-3427:38 | 3.31 miles | 8:20/m paceMale
Zachry Wang25-3431 minutes 20 seconds (33 min for 3.27 miles)Male
Josh Freeman25-3417:42Male
James Slater-Wu25-3429:57Male
Lukas Bolte25-3425:32Male
Boxuan Zhao25-3426: 33Male
Boxuan Zhao25-3424: 54Male
Aran Nayebi25-3433:40Male
Aran Nayebi25-3435:35Male
Aran Nayebi25-3435:42Male
Aran Nayebi25-3424:39Male
Andrew Dallas25-3437m33sMale
Tim MacKenzie25-3433:06 (not the dish, vista slope near my house)Male
Gordhan B Mahtani25-3432:35Male
Adam Wang25-3428:36Male
Trevor Tanquary25-341:11Male
Nick Hartley25-3428:44Male
Adam Wang25-3427:10Male
Daniel Irvin25-3439 m 51sMale
Kevin Goncalves25-3436.11Male
Viswanath Pasumarthi25-3446:39Male
Stefan HUber25-3429:03Male
Garrett Roberts Kingman25-3427:04Male
Yuki Miura25-3448:23 minMale
Edgar Campbell25-3400:28:18Male
Ciaran Rogers25-3418.47Male
Peihao Sun25-3426:56Male
Marzena Sasnal25-3427:02Female
Hala Moussawi25-3444:44Female
Susan Cherry25-3445.15Female
Derikka25-341 hr, 12 minutes, 25 secondsFemale
Hannah Mieczkowski25-3434:45Female
Hannah Mieczkowski25-3435:44Female
Taylor Crisologo25-3436:57Female
Jenny Skerker25-3430:04Female
Jenny Lam25-3432:09Female
Katie Walwyn-Brown25-3432m 18sFemale
Cindy Chung25-3457:33Female
Rochelle Coulson25-3423:30Female
Lyrissa Roma25-3436.1Female
Allison Stone25-3436:39Female
Amy Herbert25-3432 minutes 20 secondsFemale
Sarah Makarchuk25-3427:38Female
Annie Schweikert25-3428:08Female
Ruth Elisabeth Appel25-3426:53Female
Emma Spragins25-3419:46 (my run was longer than 3.1 miles)Female
Hannah Mieczkowski25-3432:15Female
Molly Andersen25-3436:57Female
Vanessa Molter25-3432:15Female
Elizabeth Jacobs25-3436:52Female
Bethany Batterbee25-341 hourFemale
Alyssa Clay25-3432 min 43 secFemale
Molly Glover25-341:18:40Female
Sara shams25-3423 minFemale
Sara shams25-3423 minFemale
Jenny Lam25-3432:29Female
Emma Spragins25-3419:01 (cropped because was over a 5K)Female
Corie Wieland25-3440:08Female
Kayla Carta25-3433.22/3.48miles totalFemale
Jacquelyn Horgan25-3433:22Female
Changhao Fu35-4431min32sMale
Changhao Fu35-4430m31sMale
Yousuke Utsumi35-4430:13Male
Olivier Gevaert35-4433:58Male
Rene Ladurner35-4434:30Male
Charlie Lum35-441 hour 6 minutesMale
Paul Jones35-4425:57Male
Yousuke Utsumi35-4426:26Male
Matteo Colombo35-4419:24Male
Matteo Colombo35-4419:24Male
Andrew Hume35-4429:32Male
Nell Curran35-4433.08Female
Orly R Klein35-4430:12Female
Linnea Shieh35-4433:43 for 5kFemale
Paula Welander35-4424:08Female
Paula Welander35-4423:16Female
Andrea Fang35-4439:05Female
Ana Villanueva35-441:36:41Female
Jacquelyn Dwyer35-4446:33Female
Erin Kinne35-4427:12Female
Allison Ramos35-4435min34secFemale
Saida Perez35-4440:14Female
Marie Hollenhorst35-4437:46Female
Sarah Ziegler35-4444:42Female
Natalia Slobodina35-4431:24Female
Sharla Letham35-4432:45Female
Frauke Kracke35-4432:30Female
Frauke Kracke35-4432:10Female
Felix Hernandez-Campos45-5425:14Male
Lars Madsen45-54 34:42Male
Brian Hargreaves45-5427:45Male
Alexander Perez45-5422:50Male
Daniel Ennis45-5427:45Male
Ramesh Shamarayar45-5444.36Male
Ken Shotts45-5426:59Male
Jeffrey Smith Prickett45-5425 minutes, 40 secondsMale
Jeffrey Smith Prickett45-5424:37Male
J. H. Lin45-5435 minutesMale
Heather Perry45-5428:35Female
Rachelle Adams45-541.18.22Female
Michiko Pane45-54 35:55Female
Sylvia Chau45-541:06:23Female
Lucia Tedesco45-5447:25Female
Lucia Tedesco45-5449 minFemale
Lucia Tedesco45-5434:57Female
Wendy Chou45-5434:28Female
Julie Muir45-5434:52Female
Cathy Su45-5430:11Female
Heather Lewis Renfro45-541hour 16 minFemale
Merritt Maduke45-5427:32 for 3.19 miles see strava linkFemale
Asilata Patwardhan45-5440.5Female
Asilata Patwardhan45-5444.59Female
Asilata Patwardhan45-5441.44Female
Asilata Patwardhan45-5442.23Female
Tara Peattie45-5437:14Female
Jill Larson45-5430:32Female
Lucia Tedesco45-5445:53Female
Christine Coli45-5431:28Female
Jim Cowie55-6434:11Male
Walt Ashe55-6448:19Male
Scott Gould55-6426:33Male
Linda Salser55-64~ 2hrsMale
Antonio A. Trias55-641 hr 19min (walking only)Male
Antonio A. Trias55-641hour and 19min*walking from home to Franklin mall and backMale
Julie Blue55-6426:09Female
Julie Blue55-6426:09Female
Naomi Morita55-6429:01Female
Harjeet Heer55-6465minsFemale
Carrie Petersen55-642 hrsFemale
Harjeet Heer55-6440 minutesFemale
Harjeet Heer55-6440 minutesFemale
Teri E. Klein55-641:39:33Female
Nanette Stringer65+34:06Female
Nanette Stringer65+34:01Female
Bridget McNiel65+83 minutesFemale
Bridget McNiel65+113 minutes from Alpine Road entranceFemale
Bill BenesiClydesdale (200+ lbs)29:27Male
Markus DiehlClydesdale (200+ lbs)25m 39sMale
Austin JohnsonClydesdale (200+ lbs)38:12Male
Bahrudin TrbalicClydesdale (200+ lbs)39:20Male
Frauke KrackeAthena (145+ lbs)28:31 (min:sec)Female
Nils AvereschNon Binary25:50Non Binary
Eun Young ChoiStroller35:13Female
Lindsay WalkerStroller56:28Female
Lindsay WalkerStroller1:18:30Female
Lindsay WalkerStroller59:03Female
Lindsay WalkerStroller1:05:20Female
Eun Young ChoiStroller34.49Female

Winning Times

Josh FreemanOverallMale17:42
Emma SpraginsOverallFemale19:01
Joseph Tapia Guzman19 and underMale19:01
Amisha Iyer19 and underFemale24:50
Noah Brazer20-24Male17:49
Catherine Rocchi20-24Female21:46
Josh Freeman25-34Male17:42
Emma Spragins25-34Female19:01
Matteo Colombo35-44Male19:24
Paula Welander35-44Female23:16
Jeffrey Prickett45-54Male24:37
Merritt Maduke45-54Female27:32
Scott Gould55-64Male26:33
Julie Blue55-64Female26:09
No submissions65+Male-
Nanette Stinger65+Female34:01
Markus DiehlClydesdale (200+ lbs)Male25:39
Frauke KrackeAthena (145+ lbs)Female28:31
Lindsay WalkerStrollerFemale56:28
Kathleen FengMost AttemptsFemaleFive Attempts
Coming Soon!Best Selfie--

The Dish COVID-19 Safety Rules:
· If presenting COVID-19 symptoms, please DO NOT enter the Dish area  
· Maintain six feet of distance at all times from people not in your immediate household 
· Carry a face covering and wear it when you cannot physically distance from those who are not in your household 
· Avoid gathering in groups 
· Appropriately enter and exit gate entrances according to ground markings 
·  The main 3.3-mile loop is one-way
· in the counterclockwise direction to allow for passing at a safer distance. Visitors must plan to complete the loop. 
· To reduce the spread of COVID-19, please refrain from touching any surfaces which include gate entrances, fences, trash cans, signage, and any other surfaces you may encounter 
· Follow all ground markings 
· Circulation changes from gates to the loop and vice versa:
Walk single file
Stay to the right of the path at all times
Do not pass until you have reached the loop or exited the gate
· Circulation changes along the loop
Two people from the same household or social bubble may walk side-by-side as long as they remain on the far right side of the path
Stay to the right of the route at all times unless passing
Pass only in the left lane when clear
Travel only in the counterclockwise direction
Plan to complete the entire loop – do not turn around
As the local drinking fountain is temporarily out of service, visitors are encouraged to bring their own drinking water

2021 Virtual Dish Run

Put your quarantine fitness to the test! The Virtual Dish Run begins on Friday, February 12th, and will end on Sunday, February 28th, giving you three weekends to give it your best shot and plenty of time to train!
Best of all, registration is FREE this year to support your fitness and mental health goals.

Ways to Participate:

You can run at The Dish or anywhere you can complete a 5K!
You must register for your time to be counted.

Race participation via Strava:

  • Join our Rec & Well Strava Club.
  • Record your run via Strava.
  • Title your run “#2021DishRun”
  • Submit the link to your activity by filling out this form before the deadline (2/28/21).
  • Runners may attempt The Dish (or any space where they can run 5K) as many times as they want before the deadline (2/28/21). Your best time within the competition window will be taken.

Non-Strava race participation

  • Submit your time by filling out this form before the deadline (2/28/21).
  • Runners may attempt The Dish (or any space where they can run 5K) and submit the form as many times as they want. Your best reported time within the competition window will be taken.

Bonus: Take a picture/selfie during your run for a chance to win! Tag @stanfordurec and use the hashtag #2021DishRun on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter!


Winners will be announced the week of March 1st.
Prizes will be awarded to the first place overall and first place in each age group (men’s and women’s) for both The Dish and Virtual 5K (anywhere).
Men’s and women’s top-overall winners will get a $25 gift card.
Each age group category winner will get a $15 gift card.
Bonus Categories ($10 gift card): Athena, Clydesdale, Best Selfie, Stroller, and Most Attempts.


  1. Practice social distancing.
  2. Please adhere to any rules and regulations posted at The Dish or in your local community.
  3. If you are not completing this race on Strava and submitting time via Google Form, your submission must be accurate to the actual time completed.

Dish Map

If you are running at the Dish, start and finish
your run near the Gerona Gate at the start/finish line. Click here for the Strava route.


During the registration, you can add on a t-shirt for $20.
Click here to register for free.
T-shirts will be available for in-person pickup ONLY at the AOERC beginning April 1st.

What is the Dish Run?

The Dish Run is a unique 3.25-mile fun run through the iconic Dish trail at Stanford, sponsored by Stanford Recreation and Wellness in partnership with the Stanford Running Club.

Whether you’re a competitive runner or just want a fun workout, mark your calendars today and participate in a Stanford tradition! All are welcome.

Contact recreation@stanford.edu for more information.


When Leland Stanford Sr. arrived in California in the mid-19th century, his first observation of the beautiful, sweeping landscape was a statement to his wife.

“Jane,” Leland Sr. said, “I really am of the opinion that that hill you see over yonder would make a fine race course.”

And hence began the Annual Stanford Dish Race. Course records are below:

Dish Race 2020

Men – Top 10 All Time

1.Scott Himmelberger23201217:25.3
2.Justin Hall31201817:26
3.Oeyvind Heiberg-Sundby28201217:55.8
4.Benedikt Bunz23201617:56
5.Matthew Millet19201418:13
6.Ryan Corvese18201318:14.7
7.Chikara Omine30201618:25
8.Andrew Ntim18201518:40
9.Burton Ferguson29201818:40
10.Li-Chieh Hsu29201818:42

Women – Top 10 All Time

1.Rea Kolbl24201620:29
2.Pilar Meltz40201521:13
3.Lauren Pischel29201521:38.6
4.Natalie Badowski27201221:40.7
5.Alexandra Coz20201221:46.3
6.Isabel Bush27201722:11
7.Judith Zuagg34201322:14.4
8.Kristen Brownell27201322:24.5
9.Liz Louie29201722:52
10.Rebecca Schuamberg44201322:58.9

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