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Group Fitness Program Overview (Pre-Pandemic)

Stanford Recreation and Wellness offers three different pass options available through the Group Fitness Program. 

  • The Cardinal Group Fitness Pass gives access to all non reservation-based (drop-in) classes at both the main campus and Redwood City
  • The Cardinal Cycling Group Fitness Pass gives access to all Cardinal Pass classes, plus reservation-based cycling classes. This pass is only available at the main campus
  • The Platinum Group Fitness Pass gives access to all classes available on the Cardinal and Cardinal Cycling Group Fitness Passes PLUS additional reservation-based classes for an add-on fee of $60 per quarter. This pass is only available at the main campus. 

Compare the different group fitness passes 

All participants pay a quarterly fee for each of the passes to access group fitness classes taught by experienced, certified instructors. Your pass allows you to take as many classes as you want during the quarter, so you can change up your schedule each week or pick a few favorites. 

There are three different pass tiers with different price points. As you move up each tier, you gain access to additional classes, while still retaining all the class offerings in the lower tiers. For example, the Platinum Pass allows you to take our popular F45 classes and new TRX classes, plus indoor cycling classes, plus all the Cardinal Pass options.

Learn How to Register for Group Fitness Passes

Buy a Group Fitness Pass on our Registration Page

Group Fitness General Information

Platinum and Cardinal Cycling Pass Reservations

If you purchased a Platinum Pass or Cardinal Cycling Pass, you will reserve your spot in the reservation-based classes (F45, TRX, and Indoor Cycling) via the MindBody platform. For instructions on how to register and use this application, view the MindBody FAQ’s in the section above.

For those with a Cardinal Pass, all Cardinal Pass classes are drop-in only and do not require reservations.

If you already have a MindBody account set up, you can reserve your class spot via the button below on desktop. On mobile, please use the MindBody app.

Quarterly Pricing:

 Cardinal PassCardinal Cycling PassPlatinum Pass
Student/Post Doc/Visiting Scholars$70$100$130
Faculty & Staff$130$160$190
Stanford Community$140$170$200
BeWell* and Retirees$70$100$130

*BeWell Participants must complete SHALA prior to registration to receive their discount. 

Today’s Classes

A combined calendar of all our daily Platinum, Cardinal Cycling, and Cardinal Group Fitness Classes on the main campus and Redwood City. Check your individual pass schedules to confirm your eligibility for each class.

Main Campus Group Fitness Google Calendars

Redwood City Group Fitness Google Calendar

Add Group Fitness Google Calendars

Sync our Group Fitness Calendars with your personal Google Calendar so you never miss a class. See the full list of each day’s offerings, and stay up to date on cancellations or changes.


Passes are only available to those with access to our Recreation Facilities. To check your eligibility, please visit this page

These are non-credit classes provided by Stanford Recreation Fitness Programs.

Other Fitness Options

BeWell Berry Information

BeWell Berries

Evaluations and Contact

For inquiries related to group fitness offerings, recreation classes, and any other program-related questions, please contact

For inquiries related to general eligibility, affiliation, membership, and BeWell pricing, please contact