Aqua Yoga:

A compliment to any fitness routine, this low-impact, pool-based class teaches yoga poses and breathing techniques to aid in improving strength, balance and range of motion.

Barre Sculpt:

This class works all muscle groups in 50 minutes. Using barre-inspired exercises you will strengthen and lengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility, and improve your balance. Please bring a yoga mat to class.


Bring enthusiasm, effort, and a positive mindset to this class. Every class varies but will always offer a total body workout through circuit training, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), bodyweight exercises, resistance training, plyometrics, and more. Classes are often “Team” based and all fitness levels are welcome.


Learn basic boxing fundamentals and techniques while at the same time improving your conditioning through high intensity interval training, plyometrics and body weight exercises. Boxing gloves are required for this class (16 oz preferred), gloves are not provided.

Burn & Build Bootcamp:

This is a 50-minute high-intensity class that alternates intervals of cardio and strength training in choreographed routines set to music. No equipment is needed. (Because of the high-intensity nature of the class, athletic shoes are required and it is strongly advised that you arrive promptly for the full warm up.)

Cardio Dance:

Cardio Dance combines traditional aerobic routines with dance-based choreography including swing, salsa, hip-hop, modern, African and Jazz. No experience necessary; just a love of movement and upbeat music!

Cardio Strength:

Cardio Strength is a high energy Cardio dance class mixed with strength training intervals. Free weights and exercise bands are used in this class to provide a fun and effective workout.


F45 is a combination of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training in a team environment. Interval, cardiovascular and strength training have been proven to be an effective method for burning fat and building lean muscle. All in 45 minutes! The Stanford F45 format schedule will always follow the world schedule pattern: Monday/Wednesday/Friday – cardio based training & Tuesday/Thursday – resistance based training.

Fitness Court:

Bring your workout outdoors with this bodyweight circuit-training class. The equipment provided by the court challenges all fitness levels utilizing 7 functional movements (core, squat, push, lunge, pull, agility, bend). This total body workout helps builds strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and much more.

Indoor Cycling:

Indoor cycling classes welcome all levels and abilities. Instructors motivate participants through jumps, hill climbs, intervals and flat roads for a fantastic cardio workout. Fun, upbeat music keeps you motivated and makes class fun!


Punch, kick, bob and weave your way to a higher fitness level. A today body workout combining kickboxing and MMA techniques, focusing on cardiovascular endurance and core training.

Mat Pilates:

This mat-based workout is designed to help participants develop long, lean muscles, gain core strength and stability, and increase mind-body awareness. Various props may be utilized.

Power Yoga:

This is a powerful, energetic form of yoga where students move fluidly from one posture to the next while connecting their breath to their movements. It incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, and both physical and mental stamina. The class is open to all levels offering modifications and the opportunity to try on inversions.

Pre/Post-Natal Cardio Strength:

Motherhood is a huge life transition! Our experienced instructors create a safe, supportive, nurturing environment to empower women through this transformative experience while also providing the opportunity to connect with other mothers. The pace of our classes accommodates the needs of all pre-and post-natal mothers. Quarterly program fee allows access to both classes.

Pre/Post-Natal Yoga:

Practice and learn yogic breath, posture and movement designed especially for the expectant and new mother to help diminish the discomforts of pregnancy, create a connection with babies, and prepare physically and mentally for the challenge of labor and parenthood. Build relationships with other moms in a fun and safe environment while enjoying an all-level practice.


In this class you’ll be guided through techniques using self-massage therapy that will release tight muscles, increase joint range of motion, reduce the risk of overuse injuries, and more. You will utilize tools such as foam rollers, therapy balls, and yoga straps that will leave you feeling great and rejuvenated.

Swim Conditioning:

This class is for those who are capable of swimming 100 yard intervals in the 4 competitive strokes. On average, 1500 yards will be swum per class. In this class you will improve your cardiovascular endurance through directed workouts consisting of both distance and sprint swimming. Corrections to technique will be given as needed.

Total Body Workout:

Challenge your body with a combination of cardio and strength movement patterns, high intensity intervals and Tabata training. This class is perfect for anyone trying to improve their fitness and health. Beginners can work at their own levels and intermediate and advanced students will be pushed to their limit by this full-body workout.

TRX Bootcamp:

TRX Suspension Training is a workout utilizing a system of suspended straps with handles, allowing the user to leverage their body weight as they train. This interval-based class will keep the heart rate elevated while transitioning between cardio and strength intervals to develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and core stability.

Vinyasa Yoga:

This yoga flow class moves through sun salutations, standing poses, balance poses, and seated stretches to get blood and energy moving throughout the body. We work on full-body strength and flexibility and focus on connecting movements to the breath. The class is open to all levels and offers modifications.


This class focuses on connecting breath to movement, building heat, strength and flexibility.


Designed for people who want a vigorous yoga practice and those seeking an expanded Pilates practice. The timeless traditions of yoga blend seamlessly with postural strength and balance practice of the Pilates Method to create peaceful alignment in your body, better posture, increased energy and good health.


Latin and international music join with high and low intensity moves for a fun, effective dance-based fitness class. No dance experience is required- just keep moving!