Group Fitness Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign-up to participate in group fitness classes? 

To participate in group fitness classes, you will purchase a Cardinal, Cardinal Cycling, or Platinum Group Fitness Pass.  Please refer to our schedules to see which pass will best fit your needs. You can register at

I see that you offer a Cardinal Pass, Cardinal Cycling, and Platinum Pass, what is the difference between them?

Cardinal Pass classes do not require pre-registration to participate in the class and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The Cardinal Cycling option grants participants access into all Cardinal Group Fitness classes, as well as a variety of reservation-based Cycling classes. The Platinum Pass is a premium pass for limited capacity classes on the main campus that are pre-reserved online, with additional access to all drop-in classes offered in the Cardinal Pass. 

Limiting the sales of the Platinum Pass reduces the chance of over enrollment in Platinum classes. Platinum Pass classes are managed through a program called MindBody that allows participants to register for their spot in the class at 7AM the day prior to class.  

Will the group fitness passes grant me access into classes offered at the Redwood City campus?

The Cardinal Pass grants you access to all Cardinal classes on Stanford main campus, as well as Stanford Redwood City Recreation and Wellness Center. You will choose the Pass option where you plan to take the majority of your classes. 

How will I be given access to participate in the non-reservation based classes? 

Once you enroll for the Group Fitness Pass, you will be able to pick up a sticker at the front desk of the ACSR or the AOERC to place on your Stanford ID Card.  You will show this sticker to the instructor prior to class starting. Please allow 1-2 business days for sticker pick-up.

Classes that don’t require reservations are drop-in only and first come, first served.

How will I be given access to participate in the reservation-based classes? 

The only classes that will require reservation are F45, TRX, and the Cycling classes. You will be able to reserve your spot through a program called MindBody. Please view our MindBody FAQ’s on the Group Fitness page for further details. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours after registration for your pass to be applied in MindBody. 

Is it okay if I show up a few minutes late to a class?

For your safety, and the experience of other participants, our instructors reserve the right to turn you away if you show up after the class has already started. To minimize risk of injury, it is very important to us that participants are able to partake in the warm up and do not miss any instructions that may occur in those first few minutes of class.

What happens if the class is full when I arrive? 

We are not anticipating Cardinal classes to reach their maximum capacity. In the event that a class is full, you will not be able to participate in that class.  If this occurs, our staff will make every effort to add additional classes to the schedule to reduce the chances of this occurring and to provide more flexibility in your schedule.

What is your refund policy?

If a refund is requested prior to the start of classes, we are able to issue a full refund. There will be a $10 administrative fee if the request is made after the classes have already begun. No refunds will be issued after the first two weeks of the start of the program.  

Recreational Classes

What is the difference between a Group Fitness Pass and Recreational Class?

Recreational classes are single sign up classes that occur once or twice a week (prices vary) that will allow you to register for a single section and attend that class for the duration of the quarter. Group Fitness Passes grant you access to a multitude of classes for a single fee for the quarter. Recreational classes offer a blended experience of learning skills with our professional instructors, in addition to activities and games depending on the format.


Group fitness passes are only available to those with access to our Recreation Facilities. To check your eligibility, please visit this page

These are non-credit classes provided by Stanford Recreation Fitness Programs.

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