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Rentals and Reservations

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Facility Reservations and Rentals

Use of Recreational Facility space is made available to volunteer Student Organizations (VSO's) and University Groups outside regularly scheduled programs/classes. Approval of reservations will be determined by the Recreation Facility scheduler.

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Volunteer Student Organizations (VSO's) 

Student groups must be a University recognized and active student organization, have at least 10 members and be free of unresolved issues with the Office of Student Engagement and DAPER prior to the use of recreation facility spaces. VSO officers are the only ones who can make reservations for any of our facilities. All members must have a valid SUID.

University Department/Academic Unit: 

Any official Stanford University office or department with a university budget. University departments/academic units must pay with an internal PTA. University departments/academic unit must be free of unresolved issues with DAPER to prior use of recreation facility spaces.



Rental Fees: 

  • VSO’s: No charge for VSO’s provided no admission is charged, all participants are students and no special set up required. Charges will occur for additional services (i.e. janitorial, extra hours, special set up, etc.) 
  • University Departments/Academic Units: Will be charged in accordance to predetermined facilities fees. Departments/academic units must pay with an internal PTA. Note: Our fees may vary each fiscal year (September 1- June 30)

Priority Use:

Each recreation center and field shall be scheduled to host a variety of Recreation and Wellness based activities in sufficient quantity and quality to maximize its use. The priority usage of these facilities shall be to support the Recreation and Wellness needs of the Stanford community. The following guidelines describe the rank order usage of recreation facilities, specifically AOERC, ACSR, and SRWC. Ford/Burnham has a different priority (this needs to be clarified)

  • 1st Priority: Activities approved by the President, Provost, or Athletic Director of the University; Big 5
  • 2nd Priority: - PHYSWELL and OUTDOOR ED academic classes (including rainouts) - Organized formal Varsity-based competitions and practices (in non-academic spaces); includes DAPER summer camps
  • 3rd Priority: Fitness Wellness and inclusion programs
  • 4th Priority: Sport & Youth Programs
  • 5th Priority: Scheduled Open Rec
  • 6th Priority: External events
  • 7th Priority: Unscheduled informal drop-in use

The following are eligible to reserve recreation facilities on a one-time/short-term basis when facilities are not reserved for the activities above. Due to the popularity of recreation facilities, recurring reservations are not possible.

  • 1st Priority: Events hosted by recognized Stanford University student groups.
  • 2nd Priority: University Department/Academic Unit.
  • 3rd Priority: Auxiliary organizations of Stanford. 
  • 4th Priority: Outside Groups: Any group not included in the above categories.

Once Approved: You will receive an email, stating whether your request has been approved or denied. Once approved you will then receive:

  • Stanford Events Resources Sheet – this sheet will provide information on how to order catering, tables, chairs, audio and visual, tarp, curtains, and any other event-related needs.
  • Cost Estimate, Use Agreement, and Facility Use Guidelines – these guidelines will help you understand what is expected of the event user group as well as policies around events.

Use Rules and Regulations:

  • All users must follow Stanford Recreation Facility policies and procedures.
  • The requested activity must be appropriate for the requested space.

General Rental Guidelines:

  • Any event considered by the Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation (DAPER) to be potentially harmful to the public image of Stanford University, or the Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation will not be allocated space.
  • DAPER reserves the right to determine the potential harm to facilities and may reject said request.
  • The scheduling of events will be based on facility availability and approval by DAPER. There may also be a review by other department-supported committees.
  • All events will be negotiated by DAPER which will determine the extent of Stanford University personnel required to safeguard the university's interest.
  • DAPER must have the appropriate contract for each request.
  • University departments/academic units must present a completed PTA 14 days in advance of the event, or the event will be cancelled.
  • Groups renting a facility will be held financially responsible for any special cleaning, maintenance or repair resulting from the event or activity.
  • Groups renting a facility are required to observe Stanford University and all local, state, and federal laws.
  • DAPER is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property belonging to the members of rental groups using the facilities.
  • Family members and participants of groups renting spaces within the recreation facilities are prohibited from using the fitness center, varsity athlete equipment, basketball courts, squash courts, racquetball courts, nor the climbing wall.

Liability and Insurance:

VSO’s: Guests and members of VSO’s who are not enrolled for at least four credit hours must purchase a guest pass to enter an indoor facility.

University Department/Academic Unit: University departments/academic units are responsible for ensuring that any non-employee attending their rental event signs a Release of Claims form.

Outside Group: The lessee shall provide DAPER with a certificate of insurance demonstrating to Stanford University’s satisfaction general liability insurance coverage providing a minimum of $2 million of coverage per occurrence in aggregate naming The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, its officers, agents, students, employees, and volunteers as an additional named insured at least 10 business days in advance of the commencing lease term. Failure of a group to provide DAPER with a certificate of insurance will result in the cancellation of the event and forfeit of deposit.


  • Permit spaces are free of charge after 4pm Monday- Friday and on Saturdays and Sundays. Visitor parking is also available. Please note that Event parking may affect cost, hours of operation and availability. For more information, please visit Stanford Transportation Parking.
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