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Leadership Programs


Inspiring Individuals, Transforming Teams

WHAT: Teams of trained facilitators and Stanford Red Barn horses provide leadership coaching for personal and professional development. In custom-designed workshops, participants will practice:

  • motivation and goal setting
  • confidence and efficacy
  • innovation and creative thinking
  • communication and cooperation
  • conflict resolution and problem solving
  • empathy and authenticity

WHY: Although they are large and impressive animals, in the wild, horses are prey. In order to survive, horses depend on the safety of the herd: a highly sophisticated social structure that requires navigation via subtle nuances in nonverbal communication. Domesticated horses exhibit these sensitivities and reactions with their equine and human counterparts. Through equine feedback, participants gain valuable insights into their internal processes and interpersonal interactions.

HOW: Our facilitators guide participants through structured exercises, allowing equine feedback to inform their learning experience. We offer custom-designed workshops that address the particular goals of each group. Participants may opt for single- or multi-session programs. Our programs do not involve riding. No horsemanship or riding experience is necessary.

WHEN: Programs are offered by appointment throughout the year.

WHERE: The historic Stanford Red Barn Equestrian Center, a world-class equestrian facility located on the Stanford University campus.

STAFF: Our innovative programs are developed and facilitated by educators with extensive experience in training and development, leadership, horsemanship, executive coaching and athletic coaching.

Contact: Program is currently on hiatus. Please check back later.