Day Use Lockers

Day use lockers are available in both the AOERC and ACSR. These lockers require you to bring your own lock. Locks can be purchased at the front desk for $5, or if you only need a lock for a single-day, you can rent it out from the front desk.

Annual and Quarterly Rental Lockers

Annual and quarterly lockers can be rented in the locker rooms at the AOERC and the Ford Center. There are no rentable lockers at the ACSR.

Ford Center- AVAILABLE.  Please visit the Front Desk at ACSR to reserve a rental locker at the Ford Center.

AOERC- ALL RESERVED.  We are only accepting waitlist applications. The waitlist dates back to 2014. As lockers become available at the end of each quarter, those on the waitlist will be contacted to reserve a locker. No priority or transfers are given.

The AOERC has a men’s and women’s locker room available downstairs in the facility. There is also an all-gender locker room located downstairs a little further down the hallway towards the fitness center.

Each facility has its own waitlist, and individuals will be offered a locker in the facility to which they are waitlisted.  To be added to the AOERC waitlist, please contact

Fees: $30/quarter or $100/year (no proration)