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5 Steps to Success

Get ready for registration day! Take a look at these five steps to help expedite checkout.

Get ready for registration day! Take a look at these five steps to help expedite checkout.

1. Internet Browser

We recommend members use Firefox during registration. Chrome and Safari have been known to cause issues when checking out.

2. Logging in

Members can verify that their account is properly set up prior to registration day.

3. Test before registration day

Try our test instance to ensure you don't encounter any account issues day of registration.

4. Rec and Well mobile app

If members are unable to access their computer at the time of registration, members should download the Recreation and Wellness app to access registration, bookings, and more!

5. Questions?

If you have a question that is related to your account, please email
If you have a question about programs, payments, or refunds, email
Please attach a screenshot to your email for us to better understand your inquiry.
Windows: f10 + windows icon. Mac: cmd + shift + 3.