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Locker Rentals FAQ's

Q: When will Ford Burnham reopen the locker room?

A: The reopening date is still November 14th, 2022. Members will be notified via email once we receive additional information.

Q: Will I keep my same locker?

A: Yes, if you had a locker in Ford Burnham before the pandemic you’ll be able to re-use the same locker once we reopen.

Q: Will I lose my locker once it expires?

A: Similar to AOERC lottery system the Ford Burnham locker will also adopt that policy, and communicate to the Ford locker renters once reopening dates are established. 

Q: Why do I have to relinquish my locker after it expires? 

A:  One of our goals is to provide fair opportunities and create an inclusive environment to all students, faculty, and staff. The yearly lottery system will provide more chances for those who have been on the waitlist for many years. 

Q: If I already have a locker can I Insert my name into the lottery for 2023?

A: Yes, members may add their names to the locker waitlist by visiting AOERC or ACSR front desk and speaking for a Member Services representative. 

Q: What about my things?

A: When relinquishing your locker, you will be asked to clear out your items. If your items are not cleared out within a specific timeframe, we will have the right to claim your items as lost and found and donate for the future.

Q: Where am I on the waitlist?

A: The lottery system isn’t being chosen by numerical order. All winners for 2023 will be chosen by random selection.

Q: When is the lottery system taking effect?

A: The first round of the locker lottery winners will be selected at the summer of 2023 quarter for the fall quarter of 2023. Members will receive an email confirmation if they’re chosen for a locker rental.

Q: How will I be notified if I am selected?

A: Members will receive an email notification if chosen for the locker lottery winner.

Q: Would I need to re-submit my name if I am not selected for a locker rental in 2023?

A: Yes, all members who weren't selected for the lottery system will need to sign up for the 2024 lottery list. The list will reset each year and members will be notified once it reopens.

Q: How can I enter my name for the lottery system 2023?

A: If you’ve already signed up for the waitlist, no worries. Your name will automatically be entered on the 2023 lottery list. If you haven’t signed up for the waitlist you can join by visiting AOERC or ACSR front desk and speaking with one of the staff members.

 Q: I had a locker during the pandemic, and haven’t renewed it. What should I do?

A: Contact Chris Jones-