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The Stanford Climbing Program offers recreational climbing courses and quick clinics tailored to help you get started in the sport of climbing and help you improve your skills!

NEW FOR FALL 2020: Outdoor Clinics!

Registration is now OPEN!

Our outdoor clinics are non-credit offerings that will be conducted in an outdoor setting and following COVID-19 precautions, including wearing masks and adhering to social distancing. These clinics are open to anyone who has a valid SUID, courtesy card, or valid Rec Pass. You must be able to tag into the AOERC building and will be required to complete the Stanford Health Check before attending a clinic session. 

Beyond the Basics: Zombie Apocalypse Survival

What are the 10 essential items to bring on any extended hike, camping, or backpacking trip? What additional things can you bring to make your life easier for when the unexpected happens? In this clinic you will learn some tips and tricks that our pros use so that they do not join the ranks of the undead. Register for Beyond the Basics: Zombie Apocalypse Survival!

Build Your Own Med Kit

The importance of a well-stocked medical kit can't be overstated. But what items do you need for a personal kit? In this clinic we'll talk about common med kit staples and their uses, and you'll walk away with some key items to get your own kit started. Register for Build Your Own Med Kit!

Camp Stove Gourmet

Ever wonder what people eat when they go camping or backpacking? Come learn some tips and tricks for cooking on camp stoves and discover some delicious camp cooking recipes. This clinic will be hands-on and give you the opportunity to practice cooking over a camp stove. Good food fuels good adventure! Register for Camp Stove Gourmet!

Foot Care

Happy feet can make or break your backcountry adventures. Hot spots, blisters, and dampness can all lead to more serious problems and maybe even stop your trip. In this clinic, you'll learn how to care for common foot issues while hiking and backpacking, and keep your feet in tip top shape. Register for Foot Care!

How to Pack for the Backcountry
What do you need to stay safe and comfortable in the backcountry? And how do you fit it all into one backpack? This clinic will review the 10 essentials, some additional considerations for different situations, and how to fit everything into your backpack efficiently. Become a backpack packing pro! Register for How to Pack for the Backcountry!
Top Rope Anchors

New to climbing and want to learn how to set up your own top rope anchors? Learn about basic knots, materials, and anchor concepts to help get you ready to climb outside on your own. This clinic will prepare you to set up top ropes on bolted anchors. Register for Top Rope Anchors!

Weekend Trip Planning

Did you know that the land we recreate on can be managed by federal, state, or local agencies? How do you calculate how much water to bring on a trip? What items are really necessary for a weekend trip? What skills do you need? Come discuss all these topics and more in our Weekend Trip Planning clinic. Whether it's with your friends, family, or solo, this clinic will help take some of the stress out of trip planning. Register for Weekend Trip Planning!

Affiliate Eligibility

  • Students who are approved to be on campus
  • Staff who are approved to be on campus
  • Faculty
  • Post Docs
  • Alumni, Retirees, and Emeritus that live *in the Academic Zones.
  • Courtesy Card Holders who live *in the Academic Campus Zone, Campus Zones, or faculty subdivision
  • Hospital Fellows
  • Hospital Resident
  • Hospital Employees