Outside Fitness Garden Education

Join us for an outside workout at Stanford Redwood City Recreation and Wellness Center. We converted our garden space at SRWC into an Outside Fitness Garden.  Indoor equipment durable enough to withstand the elements of California were transported outside, this equipment includes:

  • Dumbbells 5lbs – 110lbs
  • Kettlebells 5lbs– 70lbs
  • Multiple benches
  • One squat rack
  • Multiple weight machines combine to provide a full-body workout
  • Rowing machines
  • Cycling bikes
  • and more!

We are unable to bring every piece of equipment to the Fitness Garden, so we are offering Outside Fitness Garden Education as a chance to get familiar with unfamiliar exercise equipment.  This program provides you with advice and guidance from a certified fitness professional to give you the knowledge and confidence to use the equipment on your own. 

You can expect to learn:

  • Facility COVID-19 protocols
  • Substitute exercises to replace the missing equipment from your normal routine  
  • How to adjust the weight machines for your body, how to use them safely, and what muscle groups each machine targets.
  • The proper form for bodyweight exercises such as squats, planks, and more.
  • How to increase exercise selection with “unfamiliar” fitness equipment i.e. medicine balls, kettlebells, sandbags, and more.
  • The importance of a warm-up and warm-down routine.

The orientation is 50 minutes in duration and allows up to 5 people per session. This class is offered Mondays at 11 am and Tuesdays at 3 pm starting 8/25. Reserve a spot prior to this class at https://recwell.stanford.edu/.

Please wear proper clothing and footwear for exercising, an exercise mat, towel, water bottle, and something to take notes with if desired. 

COVID-19 precautions are enforced, face covering must be worn at all time, keep your social distance, and follow disinfecting procedures.

If you have any questions, please email aaugust@stanford.edu. See you soon!