SCRA is a club for families of faculty and senior staff at Stanford University. Eligibility for SCRA is therefore limited to specific employment categories. 

Eligibility is limited to:

Faculty who are (1) members of the Academic Council, (2) are members of the Medical Center Professoriate and (3) Senior Fellow members of the Academic Council at Special Policy Centers and Institutes. A term appointment of three or more years with the possibility of reappointment is required.

Staff at the University and SLAC who are assigned to the N99, N11, O and P grades and Hoover Institution Senior Fellows.

Qualification for a Stanford University Funded Loan to own property on or off campus is managed by the Stanford Housing Office. Eligibility for SCRA membership is based off of their requirements which are subject to change. SCRA Management at its discretion will make final application approval.

Emeritus membership applicants are verified by Housing with final approval by management.  Upon final approval, a confirmation letter is sent to each eligible applicant to activate membership.