Our website is public but note we are a member’s only club. Go to membership tab for information of eligibility.

NOTE: Only SCRA Tennis Instructors are allowed to teach lessons at club.

SCRA is home to numerous: USTA Adult and Junior tennis teams.

To Join a USTA SCRA Team, contact the Tennis office at 650-725-7453 for placement.
Check out SCRA’s USTA teams.  SCRA’s USTA Teams

Come join us! A great way to get started is by contacting Tennis Director, Jason Beardslee @ (650) 725-7453 or jbeards@stanford.edu

SCRA USTA Guidelines

SCRA has defined rules and guidelines for USTA League play.  Their purpose is to formalize the recommended manner in which teams should be established and managed to accomplish the objectives of providing our members with a place to improve their playing skills, engage in competitive play, and promote community spirit.  While SCRA reserves the right to establish and enforce rules that best support the well-being of SCRA and its members, it understands that rigid rules would prohibit the flexibility often required to establish USTA teams.  When extenuating circumstances exist they should be brought to the SCRA Tennis Director.


1) If an individual is eligible to join SCRA, he or she cannot join a USTA team as a non-member.

2) Non-members participating on USTA teams must pay a $75.00 fee prior to the start of each USTA season.  It is the captain’s responsibility to collect this fee before the season begins and to remove from the roster any player who has not paid. Non-members on SCRA teams may use the SCRA courts only during scheduled practices (approved by the Tennis Director and shown on the sign-in sheet) and scheduled USTA matches unless signed in as a guest.

3) Teams must have the Tennis Director’s approval prior to registration.

4) Captains must submit their home schedule and preferred playing dates to the Tennis Director as soon as received so a master schedule can be completed for all teams prior to the season.

5) A SCRA member who is “at level” must be placed on the team roster at the appropriate level if such a team is fielded by SCRA. 

6) All captains and co-captains of SCRA teams must be SCRA members unless approved by the Tennis Director.


Teams that cannot fill their roster with members should consult the Tennis Director to work out a solution:

1) Best option is to partner with another area club to co-host the team. 

2) In the event that a co-team is not formed, a team must consist of at least 50% SCRA members.