Free Fitness Week Class Descriptions

Cardio Jazz/Funk: 

Dance up a sweat with this overall body workout focused on a combination of jazz, funk, and hip-hop choreography to a variety of upbeat tunes. Come join the fun, all levels welcome! 

Circuit Weight Training:

This class offers different exercises grouped into circuits to enhance muscle definition, core, balance, conditioning, strength and to help improve overall health.  This full-body workout is open to all fitness levels.


Cycling classes welcome all levels and abilities.  Instructors motivate participants through jumps, hill climbs, intervals and flat roads for a fantastic cardio workout.  Fun, upbeat music keeps you motivated and makes class fun!  

Flow Yoga: 

This class will focus on the basic and fundamental poses of yoga, done in a fluid manner that links movement to breath.  We will open up and create space through poses such as forward bends, back bends, and twists.  Attention to alignment and balance will also be stressed as well as breath work that will encourage concentration and finally, relaxation.  Modifications will be offered to make the class accessible to all participants. 

Hatha Yoga: 

Hatha Yoga is a sequence of Asanas, Mudras, and Pranayama that focus on mindfulness, breathing, and physical movements that brings health benefits.  

Healthy Back: 

Focus on developing and maintaining a strong mid-section and a healthy back.  This class combines stretches and focused strengthening exercises to build balanced, flexible and strong muscles in your back.

HIIT and Core: 

This is a total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength-conditioning workout.  This interval-based class combines full body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body and improve your endurance.  The class ends with 15 minutes of core/abs and 5 min of stretching.  

Pilates Barre: 

Pilates Barre is a combination of elements of Pilates, Yoga, ballet, and functional training with moves choreographed to engaging music.  Participants will use exercise equipment to work and stretch the entire body. The isometric movements that take place, reduce pressure on joints, tendons, and ligaments while building lean muscle mass, increasing metabolic rates, improve core strength and posture.


TRX Suspension Training is a workout utilizing a system of suspended straps with handles, allowing the user to leverage their body weight as they train. This interval-based class will keep the heart rate elevated while transitioning between cardio and strength intervals to develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and core stability. 

TRX/Cycling Combo: 

This combo class starts with 25 minutes of cycling that combines jumps, intervals, hills, and sprints set to fun, energetic music followed by a 25 minute TRX suspension training workout.  Significant core strengthening will be integrated into each TRX exercise. 


Latin and international music joined with high and low intensity moves for a fun, effective dance-based fitness class. No dance experience is required- just keep moving!