Registration for Open-Air Fitness Classes are NOW OPEN!

In an effort to improve your Stanford wellness experience, HIP fitness classes are being transferred to Stanford Recreation & Wellness (Recreation). This will align program offerings with HIP and Recreation’s respective areas of expertise and streamline your wellness experience at Stanford. We will now be your campus provider for fitness and physical activity and HIP will be your campus provider for personal well-being and wellness education.

For now, our in-person fitness classes are currently suspended due to COVID-19. In the meantime, we invite you to explore and join our free virtual fitness offerings. When in-person classes resume, We will offer a variety of fitness offerings, including single-class options specifically for faculty & staff. 

We encourage you to stay informed with up-to-date fitness information from us by subscribing to our newsletter for program announcements. 

We look forward to continuing to support your fitness and physical activity during this time.

For an FAQ about the transfer of classes from HIP to Recreation & Wellness please visit here:


Stanford Recreation & Wellness

Stanford employee FAQ: Alignment of programs, fitness function transfer 

Why did you make this change?

To streamline the Stanford fitness experience. Until now, participants had to navigate two organizations with different fitness classes, pricing and registration systems. Going forward, employees will only have to engage with one organization.

Additionally, the transfer will align program offerings with HIP and Recreation & Wellness’ respective areas of expertise: personal well-being and wellness education within HIP and fitness and physical activity within Recreation & Wellness.

Where do I register for fitness classes?

The Recreation & Wellness website contains links to their registration portal called Fusion. You can also find step-by-step registration tutorials on their program information pages.

In-person fitness classes are currently suspended due to COVID-19. While classes are suspended, we invite you to participate in free, virtual fitness classes from Recreation & Wellness.

Will the classes I took with HIP still be available?

When in-person classes resume, every effort will be made to minimize changes to program offerings. However, there are many unknown factors that may impact programming including facility availability.

Will there be classes exclusively for staff and faculty?

Yes. They will offer single class options for faculty & staff.

Will I still get BeWell Berries for fitness classes, personal training and fitness assessments?

Yes. When in-person classes resume, BeWell Berries will be awarded for participation. Virtual fitness classes are not BeWell Berry-eligible at this time.

Will personal training and fitness assessments also be transferred to Stanford Recreation and Wellness?


Will class prices change?

Recreation & Wellness’ staff and faculty single-class options will remain at the same price and BeWell discounted rate. Other Recreation & Wellness fitness program offerings are available at various price points.

When will fitness classes resume again?

When facilities are able to safely open, Recreation & Wellness anticipates providing a combination of virtual and in-person fitness offerings.

When will I find out what offerings will be available? Where do I find this information?

Recreation & Wellness program offerings and registration dates will continue to be included in BeWell communications. Check the Recreation & Wellness website for up-to-date information, or subscribe to the Rec Report newsletter for program announcements.

Is anything else being transferred from HIP to Rec?

No. HIP will continue to serve as Stanford’s go-to source for personal well-being and wellness education.

Fitness questions not answered in this FAQ should be directed to Recreation & Wellness at