Virtual Teambuilding

Focusing on the student experience at Stanford, Adventure Programs Virtual Teambuilding helps develop leadership through experiential learning. We are actively connecting people and building the community virtually by utilizing various digital platforms. We aim to help your team achieve their goals through customized experiences designed to fit your needs.
Whatever your group situation, we will help you customize a team-focused program to define goals, align visions, and work cohesively now and into the future.

Teambuilding Session Types

Zoom Teambuilding Sessions

Working remotely comes with challenges. We are here to help break down barriers and create a connection in a team-focused environment. Stanford Adventure Program has developed a full curriculum of courses designed to bring your team together, build community, and do so in a sensible fashion. We utilize all available options such as video conferencing, breakout sessions, games, polls, icebreakers, imagery, and more to have an engaging and interactive meeting. These sessions are generally 90 minutes in length, and further customizable options are available!

Virtual Escape Room Challenge

Is collaboration essential for your group? Is communication a cornerstone? Is problem-solving a day to day requirement? Then the Virtual Escape Room Challenge is for you! This teambuilding option puts your team’s wits and collaborative skills to the test as they try to uncover hidden clues, decipher encrypted messages, and solve collaborative puzzles. Your team’s challenge is to complete the mission before you run out of time. After going over the technical aspects of the experience, you will jump into a 45 – 60 min virtual teaming experience. Once you “breakout” or complete your mission, we will lead a final team debrief underlining key lessons and takeaways that will help your team succeed in the future. Choose from several scenarios. Breakout! Virtual Teaming Challenge is a perfect addition to your regularly scheduled team meetings, a breakout room session on a Zoom conference, or as a stand-alone teambuilding session. The ideal group size is 6 to 8 participants per team, with the ability to simultaneously run multiple teams.

Virtual Teaming Space

As groups form, getting to know one another in a fun, interactive, and safe setting can make a big difference in how you work together and integrate in the future. For this reason, we have developed Virtual Team Space, a multi-day, self-paced ice-breaking, and group interaction program using social media platforms such as Yammer or Slack. Every day we will post thought-provoking and fun ice-breaking questions and challenges to a message board. Team members reply to the questions and challenges and then respond and interact with other’s responses. Our professional team facilitators will expedite this communication process to guarantee meaningful social interaction among group members. Virtual Teaming Space is an excellent addition to an existing in-person or virtual teambuilding program. It can serve as a pre-program ice-breaking session leading to a Zoom Teambuilding Session or a Virtual Escape Room Challenge.

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