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Please read below for information about our summer programs for kids. (June/July)

  • Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm 
  • In addition to our regular swim and tennis programs, we offer a camp with arts/crafts, games and activities! 
  • The SCRA “Camp Combo” will provide the quality group instruction of our Swim and Tennis staff, combined with a full day of games and activities between instructions. This is a great option for an active full day of learning & having fun!
  • We are offering this “Camp Combo” option based on member interested and will need a minimum enrollment to run each week of camp. Please respond to express your interest and list the weeks you would like to attend. 
  • We need to reach 8 campers per week for minimum enrollment. We keep camp small around 20 kids each week ages 6 years old to 10.

We encourage you to coordinate with your SCRA friends and attend a few weeks together!
For more information call 650-736-SCRA (7272) or email


Fitness Room Rules

  • Kids 13 or younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times in the fitness room.
  • Do not slam the weights!
  • Wipe down all equipment after use
  • Put weights back on racks after use (Keep floor clear)
  • Last person to use room please turn the lights off
  • Be mindful of use of equipment when others are waiting
  • 30 minute rule on treadmill/elliptical when someone is waiting

Fitness Room Instructor


Rachel Phelps




Contact Rachel to set up a first time free consultation at

  • Rachel’s passion is to bring exercise to people’s lives in a way that is joyful and fun. “If people love their workout, they will stay with it!” 
  • Through 13 years of teaching group exercise, she enjoys the privilege of touching this vital aspect of people’s health.
  • A lifelong fitness enthusiast with a background in dance, Rachel is a certified Personal Trainer and group and individual exercise instructor with Jazzercise. She is very excited to work with SCRA Fitness Center members, guiding their exercise plans and fitness goals.
  • She can designing and developing individual personalized fitness plans,combining weight training, cardio and flexibility for all fitness levels, exercise experience or physical abilities.
  • Her personal mission when teaching is to make exercise accessible yet appropriately challenging. She has a strong interest in total health, including stress management and nutrition.


Fitness Class - Tai Chi with Patrick Lau

Class includes graceful, fluid movements which will greatly improve your energy level, stamina and health. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

Where: SCRA Community Room

When: Tuesday & Thursday mornings 2pm-3pm

Sign up: Contact (Drop ins welcome)

Fit for Life - Deanna or Meredith

A sitting, standing and mat exercise program designed to improve balance, to strengthen the core muscles of the back and abdomen for correct body alignment, and to gently stretch the entire body. Light hand weights (1-5 lbs) are used. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace and adaptations are offered. Comradeship and fun are also important

Where: SCRA Community Room

When: Tuesday mornings 9 am-10:15 am

Sign up: Contact or drop-in to try it out for first time.

Rediscover Movement with Tina Madison

Learn to move with greater comfort and ease! We will begin the process of rehabilitating harmful posture and movement habits, re-educating the nervous system, and restoring mobility and function…and, it will be an enjoyable journey. The class incorporates the principles of yoga, Pilates and other movement therapies. Participants move at their own pace. Bring a mat, blanket or beach towel, and soft ball (if you have one).

Where: SCRA Community Room

When: Thursday mornings 10:30am-12pm

Sign up: Contact or drop-in to try it out for the first time.