Spouses/Domestic Partners and Academic Visitors:

Spouses/Domestic Partners and Academic Visitors are able to enter Stanford Recreation Facilities with a Courtesy Card. To obtain a Courtesy Card, visit the Stanford Campus Card Office at Tressider Union.

Dependents and Visiting Scholar/Faculty Spouses:

Dependents (under 26 years old) and Visiting Scholars/Faculty Spouses are able to enter Stanford Recreation Facilities with a Recreation All Access Card.

To obtain your Recreation All Access Card, visit the Stanford Campus Card Office at Tresidder Union. Children under the age of one (1) are allowed to enter the facility free of charge with valid adult access. Please reference Family Hours for specific hours for minors.

Stanford Retirees:

Stanford Retirees are able to enter Stanford Recreation Facilities free with a Retiree Card. To obtain your Retiree Card, visit the Stanford Campus Card Office at Tresidder Union.


Membership Appointments

Participant Expectations:

  • FORGOTTEN IDIf you have forgotten your Stanford issued ID card, the front desk staff will use a 3-strikes system to check you in. Each quarter, a patron may enter the facility up to 3 times without a Stanford issued ID card; they will receive a “strike,” and after 3 strikes, they will no longer be let into the building without their Stanford issued ID card.
  • AGGRESSIVE, UNSAFE OR RECKLESS BEHAVIOR: Aggressive, unsafe or reckless behavior is explicitly forbidden in Stanford Athletic facilities and programs. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Promoting or engaging in physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, coercion and/or other conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person. The use of “fighting words” to harass any employee or participant in connection with official University functions or University sponsored programs is also prohibited.
  • UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY: A valid Stanford SUID card or pass is required for access to all Stanford Athletic facilities and programs. In addition, entering unauthorized areas such as offices and maintenance workshops without the express permission of Stanford Athletics will be considered trespassing.
  • FORGERY: Sharing identification cards for access into Stanford Athletic facilities or programs is considered forgery. Forgery, altering identification cards, providing false information in connection with a membership application or program form, or unauthorized use or misuse of any University document, record, key, electronic device, or identification is strictly prohibited.  SUID confiscation, additional sanctions and restrictions may apply including a loss of privileges and/or a report to the Dean of Students Office.
  • SOLICITATION: Short Term sponsorship privileges provide our Stanford Affiliates the opportunity to share use and enjoyment of Stanford Athletic facilities with individuals with whom they have an established relationship. In the interest of the safety of all users, Stanford Affiliates should refrain from sponsoring individuals who are unknown to them and to report any solicitations to do so to Stanford Athletic staff.
  • DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Engaging in disorderly or lewd conduct, including being under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, is strictly prohibited.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO TAPING: Photography or videotaping of individuals in or images of the facilities must have prior Department and campus approval.
  • UNAUTHORIZED COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY: Posting, advertising, conducting unauthorized private lessons or training, soliciting individuals in Stanford Athletic facilities for personal services, businesses, or agencies is strictly prohibited.