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Welcome to Stanford’s community center for faculty, senior staff, and their families. 

Come and join the close-knit community recreational club.

SCRA prides itself on its programs and activities offered year-round to our member families. 

The swim program is year round for children. In the summer members participate in the Peninsula Swim League (PSA) with other area clubs.( Foothills, University Club, Fremont Hills, Alpine Hills, and Ladera Oaks Club). Lessons are offered year round for children and adults.

The tennis program offers both private and group lessons for children and adults year round. We also offer a year round junior team which competes annually in the Midpeninsula Junior Interclub League and USTA Junior League. Adult league teams compete in USTA League play. We also conduct several round robins and club tournaments each year.

Go to our activites tab for the list of our year-round social events.

SCRA Facility is a smoke free enviroment.

For more information call (650) 736-SCRA (7272) or email

On this page: 

General Information:

The Stanford Campus Recreation Association (SCRA) 

is a swim and tennis club for Stanford faculty, senior staff and their families. 

Facilities include a relaxing clubhouse, locker rooms, and two barbecue areas with patio furniture & picnic tables. Playground set for kids 5-12 years old.

A 25-meter x 25 yard 11 lane lap & recreational pool with a diving board with a separate baby pool. Seven tennis courts, three which can be lit for night play. Also a squash court/hitting wall with the basketball hoop. 

Year-round (365 days a year)
Every Day
5:00 a.m. until 10 p.m. 
(Facility hours are 5am-10pm)


Front Gate & Fitness Room Access Control System

  • University ID Card SystemFront gate and fitness room access: Must be 14 years and older to have an access card.    
  • Hold your ID Card flat in front of the reader with a top to bottom motion to open the gate with a green light.
  • NOTE: If you don’t have a card go to ID Card office at Tresidder Union 459 Lagunita Drive, 2nd Floor.
  • Any issues with your card you can call 650-498-CARD during business hours and after-hours 725-HELP.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct sign

Vending Machine Hours

All Year Round: 5am-10pm, seven days a week while supplies last.

Bike Racks

All bikes should be locked outside facility at the bike racks.

Parking Lot

Private lot for SCRA Members Only

  • Unauthorized vehicles will be TOWED AWAY at owners expense 
  • C.V.C. 22658A
  • Ellison’s Towing call 650-321-8080
  • No pick-up or drop off of children is allowed to Escondido School through this lot.
  • Staff monitor and enforce this lot throughout the year.

Lost and Found

Items are removed on the first and third Wednesday of each month.


  • Please clean the counter and floor placing all trash and food into trash cans.
  • Keep the sink clean at all times
  • Do not put food into the drain.

Playgrounds for Kids

childrens playground
playground rules

Locker Rooms and Bathrooms

Downstairs Locker Rooms                                                            

Have changing area, lockers, storage cubbies, three sinks, three showers, toilets, both with baby changing table.

Upstairs Bathrooms: Have a sink, toilet, one with baby changing table.

Showers: 6 outdoor showers and 3 indoor showers in each locker room. 

We ask everyone to be mindful of water use and to conserve water.


1st Floor: Office Space, Locker Rooms with outdoor showers, two outdoor kitchens, and breezeway entrance.

2nd Floor: Community Room, Fitness Room, family bathrooms, & deck.

Scheduled Services for SCRA

Lobbies & Corridors: Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly Other Other
Service Description Dly Wkly Mthly Yrly    
  Empty Trash   3x        
  Clean Entrance Glass   1x        
  General Cleaning   2x        
  Dust and Wipe Furniture   1x        
  Vacuum Carpets   3x        
  Sweep Hard Surface Floors   3x        
  Damp Mop Floors   1x        
  Police Area   2x        
  Blow Leaves (Tennis)   2x        
Offices & Administrative Area:            
Service Description Dly Wkly Mthly Yrly    
  Empty Trash   3x        
  General Cleaning   2x        
  Dust and Wipe Furniture   1x        
  Vacuum Carpets   2x        
Service Description Dly Wkly Mthly Yrly    
  Empty Trash   5x        
  General Cleaning   5x        
  Dust and Wipe Furniture   1x        
  Vacuum Carpets   5x        
  Sweep Hard Surface Floors   5x        
  Damp Mop Floors   5x        
Conference Rooms:            
Service Description Dly Wkly Mthly Yrly    
  Empty Trash   3x        
  General Cleaning   3x        
  Dust and Wipe Furniture   1x        
  Vacuum Carpets   3x        
  Sweep Hard Surface Floors   3x        
  Damp Mop Floors   1x        
Service Description Dly Wkly Mthly Yrly    
  General Cleaning   6x        
  Floor Cleaning   6x        
  Machine Scrub     2x      
  Walls & Ceilings       4x    
Locker Rooms:            
Service Description Dly Wkly Mthly Yrly    
  Empty Trash   5x        
  General Cleaning   2x        
  Dust and Wipe Furniture   1x        
  Vacuum Carpets   5x        
  Sweep hard Surface Floors   5x        
  Damp Mop Floors   5x        
  Machine Scrub Floors     2x      
  Locker Tops     1x      
  Walls & Ceilings       4x    
Event Cleaning:            
Service Description Dly Wkly Mthly Yrly    

Colony Landscaping Area

  • Mowing and edging of turf as needed
  • Turf and plant fertilization every 6 weeks
  • Irrigation programming and troubleshooting each week
  • Tree trimming up to 15 feet 1 per year as needed

Advisory Committee

We look forward to a time of renewal and growth at SCRA and want you to know that all members are encouraged to become involved in making SCRA a warm community hub that is valued and enjoyed by all. 

Who/When Who/When
Shreyas Vasanawala
Service 2020-present 
Margaret Brandeau-
Service 2016-2019
 Ira Lit
Service 2020-present
 David L. Kennedy
Service 2016-2018
Susan Knox
Service 2016-present
Odile Disch-Bhadkamkar
Service 2016-2018
Chris Fancis
Service 2016-present
Audrey Gold
Service 2015-2016
Eran Bendavid
Service 2016 – present 
Andrew Fetter
Service 2015-2016
Sandip Biswal
Service 2016-present 
Stephannie Lobell
Service 2015-2016
  Richard Sousa
Service 2015-2016
  Jan Rossi
Service 2012-2016
  Julie Wilcox
Service 2014-2016
  Justin Annes
Service 2013-2015
  Catherine Wilson
Service 2013-2015
  Scott Fendorf
Service 2013-2015
  Obal Kambahm
Service 2013-2015
  Janet Gibson
Service 2013-2015
  April Traintis 
Service 2012-2014
  Leslie Fiedler 
Service 2011-2013 
  David Drover
Service 2011-2013
  Robert Kessler
Service 2008-09 & 2011-2013
  David Engstrom 
Service 2011-2013
  Steve Pokorny
Service 2010-2011
  Rob Daines
Service 2010-2011
  James Fearon
Service 2010-2011
  Kathy Gurtner 
Service 2008-2010 
  Joe Lipsick
Service 2009-2010
    Sharon Dauskardt
Years of Service 2009-2010
  Steve Coutre
Years of Service 2004-2009
  Jeannie Meyer
Years of Service 2009-2010 
  Scott Atlas
Years of Service 2004-2008
  Chris Cartwright
Years of Service 2006-2008
  Rita Koltai
Years of Service 2006-2008
  Cindi Kingsley
Years of Service 2005-2007 
  Corey Levens
Years of Service 2005-2009
  Maureen McNichols
Years of Service 2004-2006
  Byron Reeves
Years of Service 2004-2006 
  Marci Reichelstein
Years of Service 2004-2009
  Barbara Zhang
Years of Service 2004-2005


A place to get away, without going far, Stanford Campus Recreation Association is located in the heart of Stanford's residential campus. Tennis courts, pool and clubhouse welcome member faculty and staff families to relax and enjoy time together.                                                                                                                                                              

Our club name reflects our core values:

Our swimming and tennis programs emphasize high standards and the qualities that constitute sportsmanship; honesty, integrity and humility.

We strive to promote a strong sense of community within our club reflecting the special culture of Stanford.

Informal recreation in the form of events, clubs and parties is
encouraged to foster a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Physical activity engenders a sense of well-being and good health - 
a welcome complement to the academic focus of our Stanford community.

Guiding Principles


Club Manager:

Stephen T. Robe – General Manager

Stephen T. Robe – General Manager
Stanford Campus Recreation Association (SCRA)

Steve received his Masters of Sports Administration & Facility Management in 1991 after completing his internship here at Stanford. In addition has a Bachelors of Business Administration, 1989 both from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Currently a member of The Golden State Chapter of Club Management Association of America (CMAA).

Born at Stanford in 1965 when his father T. Richard Robe was a student here receiving his PHD in Engineering. Steve has always been around a college campus as his father was a professor of Engineering at the University of Kentucky, also a year abroad at  University of Edinburgh in Scotland when father was a visiting professor, to Ohio University when father was Dean of Engineering and founding director of the Robe Leadership Institute.  With three siblings two that went to Escondido Elementary sister Julie from Atlanta, GA; brother Kevin from Flagstaff, Arizona; (both learning to swim at SCRA in its earlier years) younger brother Edward from Columbus, Ohio.

Steve has a rich background in sports and recreation from going to the Little League World Series as a boy to completing his Master’s degree in Sports Administration & Facility Management from Ohio University. He also received Athlete of the Year honors from his High School in Athens, Ohio also voted by his classmates as most athletic eventually being inducted into the schools’ Hall of Fame in 2007 lettering three years in  Varsity Football and three years of Varsity Baseball receiving District and State Honors in both sports. 

Community involvement includes managing, coaching, and playing with an adult softball team(s) in the City of Palo Alto’s Recreation Department; City of Menlo Park Recreational Department; and City of Mountain View. Over the years winning multiple championships in each city. Active in Menlo Atherton Little League with two sons playing on teams. A coach for Flag Football Team in Palo Alto League.  He supports and follows Positive Coaching Alliance(PCA at Stanford) philosophy to create better athletes & better people.

At Stanford Steve has worked in DAPER’s Event Operations & Facility Management, Marketing, Football team travel to game management including stadium control duties with numerous special events such as the 1994 & 1999 World Cup Games here at Stanford Stadium and off-campus events such as the 1996 Olympics Games in Atlanta, GA working as sector coordinator at the crown jewel Centennial Olympic Stadium in downtown Atlanta.

Steve married Amy Berryessa on the Stanford Campus on August 1st, 2004. Amy’s family (Berryessa) are eight generation Californians with a lake and road named after their family. Amy has worked for Palo Alto Unified School System as a Counselor to a Job Coach for high school and adults programs of special needs at VA Hospital & Hope Services locations. Currently Amy is working as an independent associate with connecting familes and businesses with affordable legal services along with tutoring local home school families along with her own. They are active members of the Menlo Church in Menlo Park with Amy working with the special needs groups and Steve part of the safety team at main campus on Santa Cruz Avenue. They support and fund raise for the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) and other great causes each year like World Vision.

Steve & Amy have two sons Conor and Dylan. Both have attended Bing Nursery and enjoy the community of families here at Stanford, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and other neighboring areas.

Stephen T. Robe