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SCRA is an exclusive club for families of faculty and senior staff at Stanford University, with eligibility limited to specific employment categories. The following individuals qualify for membership:

Faculty: Members of the Academic Council, Medical Center Professoriate, and Senior Fellows at Special Policy Centers and Institutes with a term appointment of three or more years.

Staff: University and SLAC staff assigned to N99, N11, O, and P grades, as well as Hoover Institution Senior Fellows.

Eligibility for SCRA membership based on Stanford University Funded Loan qualification is managed by the Stanford Housing Office. SCRA Management, at its discretion, makes the final application approval. Emeritus membership applicants are verified by Housing, with final approval by SCRA Management.

Regular Membership:

Regular SCRA Membership is open to eligible families and those qualified through Stanford Funded Housing Office Programs. 

Emeritus Membership:

Emeritus Membership is open to eligible Stanford emeriti, retirees, and senior staff previously eligible for Stanford Funded Housing programs. 

A Regular Member can convert to Emeritus Membership upon retirement without an additional initiation fee, with written approval from SCRA Management.

Extended Family Application:

Extended Family Memberships are available to adult children or parents of current SCRA Members. The primary member must maintain an active paying membership for the extended family membership to continue.

Access cards for extended family memberships can be purchased from the University ID office for club use only.

Apply for a Membership

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