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Information about Youth Group Swim Lessons (not available at SCRA).

Membership is a prerequisite to partaking in lap swimming at SCRA. The lap swimming facility offers a total of 7 lanes, with 3 lanes available for reservation and 4 "walk-in" lanes specifically designated for lap swimming. Adhering to lap swimming etiquette and pool rules is essential for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Recreational lanes, encompassing Lane 1 and the diving board area (lanes 9-11), cater to individuals seeking a more relaxed swimming environment. The facility features one diving board, accessible only when a lifeguard is on duty or under the discretion of coaches and pool supervisors.

Youth Swim Programs

Open to SCRA members, our family-oriented Swim Team offers a positive and fun environment. The seasonal program (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) includes participation in the Peninsula Swim Association (PSA) summer league during June-July, featuring seven swim meets fostering camaraderie among members.

Youth Swim Requirements:

  • Demonstrated fundamental swimming and water safety skills
    • 8 & under: Ability to swim 25 yards freestyle unassisted
    • 9 & above: Basic knowledge of the four swim strokes

Adult Swim Programs

For adults at SCRA seeking fitness, competition, technique improvement, or group motivation, the Adults Swim Team offers a friendly and supportive community. The Beginners Class focuses on learning proper swim stroke techniques and includes a short, intense workout. The Advanced Class emphasizes fitness and training with intense, all-level workouts. Limited space is available, and participants must meet specific swim skill and pace criteria.

Adult Swim Requirements:

  • Beginners Class: Ability to swim at least one lap (25 yards) independently in front crawl (freestyle) stroke.
  • Advanced Class: Basic knowledge of the four swim strokes, underwater kicks, and the ability to sustain a pace below 2 minutes per 100 yards.


Swim Lessons

Exclusively available to members, SCRA provides year-round swim lessons with limited coach availability varying by season. Our 1:1 swim lessons cater to toddlers, kids, and adults, focusing on water safety, swim strokes, and technique improvement. Join us to enhance your swimming skills in a personalized learning environment.

For more information contact Daiane Oliveira at