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Intramural Sports Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where / How do I sign up for Intramural Sports?
    1. To access Intramural Sports Leagues/Tournaments, you will need to access
    2. From there, you will need to buy an IM Membership to sign up for a team, join an existing team, or register as a free agent. 
  2. Who is eligible for Intramural Sports?
    1.  Stanford Affiliates can participate in IM Sports. This includes students, faculty/staff, post-doc, dependants, spouses, alumni & hospital employees.
  3. How much does it cost to sign up?
    1. The IM Membership Pass costs $20 per person each quarter. Participants are allowed to participate in all sports offered during each quarter. 
  4. How can I participate if I don’t have a team?
    1. A Free Agent is a person who wants to participate in a team sport but cannot form a team or is looking for a team to join. Free Agents can join a team through various methods:
      1. Using IMLeagues, participants can register as "Free Agents" in particular sports and contact Team Captains to find a team to play on. 
      2. Team Captains can go through the Free Agent lists on IMLeagues and invite players to join their team. 
      3. If there are enough free agents to fill a full roster, the Intramural Sports Office could create a free-agent team if a team spot is available.
  5. How do I sign up as a Free Agent
    1. First, make sure you have a valid IMLEAGUES account by following FAQ#1
    2. Browse the Stanford University IMLEAGUES homepage to find the leagues & tournaments you are interested in participating in.
    3. Within each sports league, click “Join as Free Agent”
    4. Expand the sports league offering & select all divisions you are willing to play in.
    5. Complete the “Additional Information About Yourself” section. This will help the captains get to know you before they select you to join a team. 
    6. Complete your sign-up by clicking “Post Listing”
  6. How do you pick a free agent?
    1. Team Captains: Log into your IMleagues account & click on your team.
    2. Under Team Options look for “Captain” & select “Available Free Agents”
    3. Once you select a free agent to add, click “Invite to Team”
    4. Once a Free agent has been sent an invite, they must accept the invitation to be added to your team.
  7. Can I play on multiple teams?
    1. No, players cannot play on multiple teams in the same sports league division. Players are encouraged to not play on multiple teams in the same sports league and to participate in other sports as well. 
  8. How can I apply to be an Intramural Official?
    1. You may submit your resume to Josiah Riley ( or apply online on Indeed
  9. Where can I find the rules/policies?
    1. You can find this information on IMLeagues Home Page under “Stanford University Information” and the Subgroup “Handbooks & Manuals” 
  10. How are playoff teams decided?

Playoff advancement is decided based on the number of teams in each league and available space and time. Teams with a winning percentage (.500+) qualify for playoffs. Minimum Sportsmanship Rating MUST BE ABOVE 3. Teams are ranked according to winning percentage, sportsmanship rating, head-to-head, and points allowed.