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Open Rec Sports

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Open Rec Sports at the AOERC/ACSR

Join us at the AOERC and ACSR for Open Rec Sports. No need to sign up, just show up! 

Open Recreation Expectations 

  1. I will be considerate and respectful towards all staff members.
  2. I will carefully manage the duration of my playtime.
  3. I will handle the equipment with care and return it in good condition.
  4. I will collaborate and communicate effectively with team members to foster a positive community and resolve any issues.
  5. Should I fail to comply with these guidelines, I will gracefully exit the facility or face temporary suspension. 

Open Rec Policies

  • General facility policies apply to all individuals and/or groups who use the Stanford Recreation Centers.
  • In the event of inclement weather - Rec Classes, practices, and events would be taking priority over Open Rec.
  • The use of recreation centers for commercial use is strictly prohibited unless approved by the recreation department.
  • Groups reserving court space are responsible for the conduct of their members and guests. Groups will be held financially responsible for damage caused to the Stanford Recreation Centers and equipment.
  • 15-minute grace period - the allowance for members to arrive for Open Rec Activities. If a group does not arrive within this grace period, space will default to first come, first served.
  • All Open Rec Activities must start and end at the time scheduled. 
  • Only Stanford Recreation and Wellness-approved Personal Trainers/Instructors are allowed to conduct training sessions.
  •  Stanford Recreation and Wellness reserves the right to change or amend these policies as deemed necessary for the safety and functionality of the facility, program, or activity.
  •  Facility schedules are subject to change for special events.